Best 3-Speed Adult Tricycles

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Are you someone who cannot enjoy the benefits of riding a bicycle and are looking for options? Well, a tricycle is something you might be looking for. Adult tricycles are perfect for people who cannot reap the benefits of riding a standard bicycle.

Now, if you have the image of a kid’s tricycle, we are here to change that. Adult tricycles are very much the norm these days and, according to buyers, a lot of fun too!

Most trikes available are mainly either single speed, 7 speed, or 6 speed adult tricycles. However, it’s possible that you might find the single-speed ones too slow and the higher geared ones too complicated.

The highlight of the 3-speed adult trike is that it offers you the speed and is also less complicated than the higher geared trikes. The simple design gives a clean look to your machine and lends a minimalistic appeal.

Whether it is a 3-speed trike or any other, the challenging task is to pick the perfect trike that would suit your usage and make for a comfortable ride. Investing in a trike should be done after thorough research, and we’ve made that task a tad bit simpler for you.

Comparison Chart

Ridgeyard 26” 7-Speed Adult Tricycle Aluminum Frame 3 Wheeled Cruise Trike Bike with Shopping Basket (White)
PFIFF Capo 20/26 Tricycle
PFIFF Classic Adult Tricycle, 24 inch wheels, Dark Blue

Best 3-Speed Adult Tricycles & Reviews

1. Ridgeyard 26” 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

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The Ridgeyard 26” 7-Speed Adult Tricycle is one of the most popular 3-speed trikes available. It has a step-through frame, which makes it easy for the rider to get on and off the trike.

The frame is constructed using steel, which is why it has been rated high on sturdiness. It is slightly heavier than aluminum in comparison, but the durability factor makes up for it.

The Ridgeyard features three wheels in two different sizes. The front wheel is 26,” and the rear two wheels are 20” in size. This makes the ride extraordinarily stable and yet, makes the design compact enough for easy storage.

The trike is equipped with a Sturmy Archer 3-speed internal geared hub that lends the bike options for speeding. At the same time, it ensures fewer complications and low maintenance.

It is fitted with two sets of brakes. The front is equipped with V brakes, the rear with coaster brakes, which means that the trike can be stopped with both hands and feet. It gives the tricycle perfect stopping power, keeping in mind the convenience of the rider.

The trike is adjustable and can comfortably accommodate people who are 5’2” to 6’2” tall. It has the carrying capacity of 300 pounds, which makes it a prime choice for a lot of people with a relatively larger frame. It’s ideal for people who have physical issues or balance issues.

The Ridgeyard is equipped with a basket in the rear for carrying groceries, your shopping load or cargo. It can take about 45 pounds, at most. A lot of people find it a little heavy; in that case, you can remove it too.

It has a saddle-style seat, which makes it very comfortable. The trike has front fenders to protect the rider from mud and dirt. 

The assembly might take you anything from 30 mins to a good couple hours, depending on your mechanical skills. However, it is recommended to be taken to a bike shop, if you aren’t too skilled with putting together a trike.


  • The saddle-style seat is exceptionally comfortable
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Assembly is quite complicated
  • Pedaling up the hills is hard and difficult

Our Verdict: The Tristar is an excellent choice for an entry-level tricycle rider. It is inexpensive, sturdy, and will last you long. The lifetime warranty is also an attractive factor that makes the investment worthwhile. The buyers often compliment the comfort that the trike offers. 

2. PFIFF Capo Adult Tricycle

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The first thing you notice about the Capo is its unusual design. It’s a reverse tricycle with two wheels in the front and one in the rear. It has a highly functional and attractive design. 

It has an extremely low step-through frame that makes it easy for the rider to get on or off the bike. 

What makes it unique is that the rider can easily estimate the width of this trike. This makes for a smooth and sure ride.

The Capo has a heavy-duty tig-welded steel frame and fork that makes it super sturdy and durable. If you are worried about the material corroding, do not worry any further. It has an anti-corrosive powder coating paint that’ll protect the steel frame.

The two wheels in the front are 20,” and the single rear wheel is 26” in size. They are protected with double-walled alloy rims, making them long-lasting and adept at handling different terrains.

For smooth gearing, it is fitted with a 3-speed internal hub and the Shimano twist shifter. This makes pedaling much more comfortable and will give the rider speed options.

The trike is equipped with a floating front axle with adjustable suspension that can absorb the bumps and shocks on the road. This takes the comfort level up by notches.

The braking system is robust with coaster brakes, alloy V-brakes, and parking brakes for extra safety. It gives precise stoppage and complete control over the trike.

The trike has a front basket to carry your groceries or any goods. It is ideal for carrying your pup along with you on an evening ride. There is a rear rack, too, to carry other essentials and bags.


  • Unique reverse tricycle design
  • Quick-release seat post 


  • Expensive
  • Assembly might take some time

Our Verdict: The Capo is slightly expensive but is a unique bike with a reverse tricycle design. It is sure to raise eyebrows and get frequent glances. It is sturdy, stable, and highly functional. It is a perfect investment for people who enjoy working out outdoors but can’t do so on a bicycle. 

3. PFIFF Classic Nexus Adult Tricycle

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The Classic Nexus is a highly functional tricycle with a heavy-duty tig-welded steel frame and fork. That makes it extremely sturdy and durable. It is coated with anti-corrosive powder paint to protect the steel from natural corrosion. So, that is one thing you don’t have to worry about!

The trike is fitted with 26” front and 24” rear Schwalbe reflective tires with double-walled alloy rims for protection. This ensures that your trike can ride with less tire maintenance on a variety of terrains. 

It is equipped with Shimano Nexus internal 3-speed gears and Shimano shifters for optimal speeding options and smooth gearing.

The trike has alloy V-brakes and a parking brake for safety. It has a Promax alloy stem that can be adjusted according to the rider’s comfort and preference. 

It has a fantastic front dynamo-powered lighting system. Both the headlight and the taillight have the feature where they glow for a few minutes when you stop at the streetlights.

The trike has the overall weight carrying capacity of 320 lbs, and the basket attached at the back has the capacity to carry about 44 lbs of weight. This makes it fall in the category of being a heavy-duty trike.

The highlight of this trike is its tool-less disassembly, and you can easily assemble it using the most basic tools. It splits into front and rear halves that can easily fit into a small SUV. This makes portability easy.


  • Toolless disassembly and reassembly (after you’ve assembled the first time)
  •  Comfortable saddle


  • Slightly heavy, weighing 71 pounds

Our Verdict: The Classic Nexus is a functional, sturdy trike that can easily transport cargo that weighs about 44 pounds. The issue of portability is solved since the bike can split into two halves, and the disassembly and assembly is toolless too. It ensures comfort and utility packages in one.

Things To Consider Before Buying A 3-Speed Adult Tricycle

When you are looking for a 3-speed trike, it is evident that you have a lot of specifications figured out in your head. You probably know what you exactly want. However, there are a few things you need to consider before making the perfect buy:


The primary concern while buying a trike is the size. The size of the tricycle should be suitable for your frame. Depending on its size, the weight of the trike would vary too. Trikes are heavy, and for a person with a small frame or for an older adult, it is of paramount importance to take the size and weight into consideration.


The weight and the quality of the tricycle depend heavily on the material used for construction. Steel is durable but makes the trike heavy. Most people prefer aluminum because it is durable and decreases the weight considerably. But of course, the budget varies accordingly. Aluminum is costlier and would increase the price of the trike.


Adult tricycles are available in a variety of designs. There is the standard design with a single front and two rear wheels. Trikes are also designed in the reverse manner with single rear and two front wheels. There are various seating options, too: standard, semi-recumbent, and recumbent. It entirely depends on your choice and comfort.

Motor and Battery

If you are looking into buying an electric tricycle, it’s vital to see the motor power and quality of the battery. It is essential to look into what kind of assistance modes it offers, the maximum speed it can reach, and the recharge time.

Final Verdict

Who said you have to ride a bicycle to have fun? Adult tricycles are a lot of fun and an amazing way to work out. It is an ideal choice for people who have physical problems like joint pain or have balance issues. 

Whether you want the simplicity of a single-speed trike, or the thrill of a 6-speeder or want to find the middle ground of a 3-speeder, the idea is to enjoy a comfortable ride. 

Isn’t it? So, get that beautiful trike you’ve always wanted to buy and spend time riding in nature! Happy triking!

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