Best 6-Speed Tricycles for Adults

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The first thing that we (each one of us, whether your current age is 16 or 61) learned to ride was a kids tricycle, right?

We bet our parents can testify to the sheer joy we experienced while riding those cute three-wheeled cycles in bright colors.

Well, as we grew up, many of us shifted to bicycles. But some of us couldn’t balance, what so ever. While a few of us, due to several health conditions, weren’t able to shift to the cool bicycle phase

Today, there are multitudinous options for trike lovers. From single-speed trikes to 3-speed and six-speed tricycles, or even a faster trike with seven speeds, you have a wide range for selection. 

But you have decided to go with a six-speed trike, and are here to get the understanding that you could use in your decision-making journey, right? 

Let’s help you with that!

The only thing we would want to make sure from your end before we start with our reviews is the extension of your experience riding a trike. Riding a 6-speed trike would be difficult, unsafe, and uncomfortable if you have never ridden a tricycle before.

Best 6-Speed tricycles for Adults & Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Mantis Tri-Rad 24 Burgundy Adult Folding Tricycle
51eK1MYe7iL. SL500
24-inch Adult Tricycle 1/7 Speed 3-Wheel Pedal Bicycle with Shopping Basket Suitable for Men and Women
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Ridgeyard Adult Tricycles 7 Speed, Adult Trikes 26 inch 3 Wheel Bikes, Three-Wheeled Bicycles Cruise Trike with Shopping Basket for Seniors, Women, Men(White)
51VzZHvo5vL. SL500
Slsy Adult Tricycles 7 Speed, Adult Trikes 20/24 / 26 inch 3 Wheel Bikes, Three-Wheeled Bicycles Cruise Trike with Shopping Basket for Seniors, Women, Men.

1. Tri-Rad Adult Unisex 6-Speed Folding Tricycle

41H9mdg+WmL. SL500

Mantis Tri-Rad is one of the most liked portable adult trikes, and this one is more than what you are looking for with its folding structure.

An affordable option in the lot of 6-speed trikes, Mantis is perfect for the riders who want to transport or store the trike easily. All you have to do is to twist and pull the quick-release lever to fold Mantis into half.

The frame of the bike is made of steel, including its suspension fork. With an alloy that’s known for its strength, you will not have to worry about its sturdiness.

With a low top-tube, riders can mount and dismount with ease and comfort.

The size of the wheels is another feature that contributes to the convenience of getting on/off the bike. The 24” wheels make Mantis a desirable trike for riders with height as small as 4’5 inches.

With that size of the wheels and the rims made from the lightweight material, aluminum, Mantis is not as heavy as steel trikes are normally.

Mantis Tri-Rad may go upto 11 mph with its 6-speeds and the Shimano rear derailleur, which shifts the gears easily. The smooth gear-shifting allows the rider to ride on moderately inclined surfaces.

It is essential that trikes can stop as quickly as you want, especially when you are riding it upto 6 speeds. The V-brakes in front make sure you get that powerful stop to the trike. 

The bumps and shocks are fairly nullified with the suspension fork. Mantis also has a parking brake, which increases safety to your triking adventures.

The seat is extra-wide, and the springs to it make sure your back doesn’t feel the bumps of uneven surfaces. However, some of the reviewers have mentioned that the seat moves a lot, but we think that’s normal when the saddle has springs.

With the practical features such as front fender that protects you and the trike from mud and a rear basket with fantastic storage capacity, Mantis Tri-Rad moves up the ladder of the best tricycles.


  • Quite easy to assemble, especially if you watch youtube videos 
  • The steel frame makes it sturdy
  • Folding structure for easy transport


  • Some customers have complained about its quality (It’s a low budget trike)
  • Not an excellent choice for off-road triking

Our Verdict: Mantis Tri-Rad, 6-speed tricycle, is a feasible choice for two types of riders: One- who wants a foldable trike, and two- whose height is as low as 4’5”. Even if these two conditions are not on your list, this tricycle is worth considering.

2. TANGNADE 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

51eK1MYe7iL. SL500

TANGNADE is one of those tricycles which would seem just fine, in fact, a steal at its price, but only after you are done with its assembly. So, we would recommend you not to experiment and consider seeking assistance from an expert.

Other than that, there are no factors that should stop you from considering this trike. That said, TANGNADE tricycle is perfect for riders who have just begun, and don’t want to buy an expensive trike.

The frame is built with carbon steel, making it a sturdy trike. However, the size of the bike is smaller than the models of Schwinn. 

The wheels are 24 inches and made of alloy. The spokes of the wheels are made using stainless steel, making them dependable for a smooth ride.

Considering that the size of the trike is small, the size of the wheels may not be enough for riders taller than 6”. You may want to consider the size of the bike, which is 67” x 19” x 44”. 

With upright handlebars, TANGNADE tricycle is surely as comfortable as any cruiser bike. It allows you to ride in an upright position, which ultimately narrows the chances of back and hand aches, especially if your hands are short.

Another comforting feature of this trike is its saddle. The extra-wide seat is padded well, and also has a backrest with cushion for extra comfort. The backrest is a unique feature of this trike. So if you go for longer rides for exercising, this could be a good option.

TANGNADE works on the 7-speed gear system. If you are planning on taking your trike to hills or using it for extensive training, then going for this tricycle with efficient speeds will not disappoint you. 

Another unique feature of this trike is its foldable basket. It is a sturdy cart, apt for carrying groceries and other stuff. However, you might want to consider buying extra ties for holding the basket as the clips that fold it are not of great quality.

The front hand brake and rear V-brakes offer stoppage quickly, making sure that you are not at risk while riding. However, make sure you get them checked during assembly.


  • Users are quite happy with its sturdiness 
  • One of the most affordable tricycles for adults
  • Foldable basket


  • Buyers have had a hard time putting it together; may need expert’s help in assembly
  • Components not of high quality (Priced at less than $250, so pretty evident)

Our Verdict: TANGNADE is an average tricycle with a few shortcomings like ‘hard to assemble’ and a few benefits such as ‘super affordable.’ If budget is a real constraint for you, this trike is not a bad option.

3. Ridgeyard 7 Speed 26 Inch 3 Wheel Adult Tricycle

51G2ohFSEtL. SL500

Ridgeyard Adult Tricycle can be considered a large adult tricycle as it can support up to 300 lbs of weight, including the contents of the cart. The frame of this trike is made with high tensile steel that is TIG welded.

With a low top-tube in the frame, it is convenient for you to mount/dismount the ride, especially if you are short, and mounting has always been a concern for you. 

The accessibility to step-through easily makes Ridgeyard a great option for older adults with knee problems.

The 26” alloy wheels have stainless steel spokes. The weight of the rims may be less, but the spokes provide sturdiness that’s required for a balanced ride on the trike.

Tricycles need a broad seat as the rider has to pull the weight of an extra wheel and a cart. Ridgeyard has done a brilliant job with the seat. 

It is extra-wide, padded with cushion, and has springs for canceling the effect of bumps and shocks during the rides. The saddle being an adjustable one, you could easily adjust it according to your height for comfort.

The cruiser-like handlebars, which are also adjustable, don’t force the riders to bend more than necessary, the riding position is always comfortable. Going for long rides won’t be as tiresome as bikes.

With seven-speeds free wheel shifter and rear derailleur, triking on inclined planes is smooth and safe. The gear shifts are swift with Shimano shifters safeguarding your triking adventures on the hills.

The speeds are secured with front and rear brakes, offering immediate halt whenever necessary.

While riding, you may not have to worry about your trike getting dirty as Ridgeyard comes with large fenders that block the muck.

Everything about this trike is great, except for assembly. Although you may have to bear the expenditure to get it assembled,  its low price compensates for that.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Reflecting stripes on wheels make it safe for riders at night
  • Probably the lowest in price 


  • Challenging to assemble; may need to take to a bike shop
  • Chain guards are of low-quality

Our Verdict: Ridgeyard is one of those trikes which ticks all the boxes for a buy under budget. Yes, some of its components may seem a bit cheap, and the assembly is difficult, but riding it overcomes its shortcomings, and for an unbelievable price. 

4. Slsy 24″, 7-Speed Adult Tricycle  

51VzZHvo5vL. SL500

Most of the negative reviews that Slsy has received is primarily because of two reasons: assembly and packaging.

But rest assured, if you are okay with spending for its assembly at a bike shop., this tricycle has turned out to be a delight for many buyers.

As all the tricycles we have talked about, this too is a 7-speed trike. With Shimano RS45 shifter and TY-21 derailleur, shifting through all the 6 speeds is easy, smooth, and fun.

Riding this beauty up the hill will not be a task for you with its smooth gearing system. And stopping it is also as easy with its front brakes made of alloy and steel rear brakes. 

The frame of this tricycle is ultra-low, making it an apt design for people with knee problems, and a small structure. Mounting and dismounting will not be a problem with this intelligently designed tricycle.

This tricycle is perfect for riders who weigh more than 180 pounds and are buying it, especially for exercising. The saddle of this trike is ultra-comfortable with extra-padding and springs, and sturdy enough to carry 250 pounds of weight easily.

The large fenders make sure the trike remains clean. With a stem steering system, you will get to enjoy a comfortable riding position.

The 24” wheels made with alloy and steel carry the weight of the trike efficiently. Going for your outdoor chores or leisure rides will be nothing but a delight.


  • Fairly comfortable with a plush saddle and backrest
  • Good value for money 
  • A heavy-duty trike with a holding capacity of up to 350 pounds


  • Hard to assemble on your own if no prior experience
  • Packaging issues 

Our Verdict: If you have no prior assembly experience, and are not ready to invest at least $100 in it, don’t go for it. Apart from the assembly part, this trike has been proven to be a gem for many trike lovers. 

3 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Tricycle

Frame Material

Any cycle, whether a bicycle or tricycle, can be made from three materials: steel, aluminum, or carbon steel/alloy.

And all three materials exhibit different properties. Steel is heavier in weight, so trikes built with them could add quite a few pounds to carry. However, its strength can withstand the blow of a fall.

Whereas, aluminum is extremely light in weight and is apt for the elderly who are unable to carry heavy baggage. But it may lose its shape and efficiency if met with an accident.

Carbon steel is even heavier and stronger than steel. The most feasible choice would be a trike that uses all of them wherever necessary.


Tricycles come with different gearing configurations, and it’s you who has to decide which would work for you.

From single-speed to seven speeds, there are numerous options to consider. Single speeds can be deemed useless for hills and inclined surfaces. If you live in a hilly neighborhood, you may want to consider 6 or 7-speed tricycles.

Choose the right gear after considering your usage.


If one thing that’s essential in triking is comfort. Isn’t it why you are choosing a tricycle? For leisure sprees to the market or a picnic ride to the nearest park, you don’t need those cycles that force you to sit in aggressive positions.

Tricycles that are high on comfort and often have broad, plush seats, and handlebars elevated for a semi-reclined position.

However, if you are planning on exercising and losing fat, you might want to go with the one that has a forward seat.

Final Verdict

Tricycles are becoming popular with time, and the reason is it is feasible for riders of all age groups. And we hope that choosing that one 6-speed tricycle for yourself would not be an issue anymore.

We have picked the best available tricycles and described its features in the simplest way possible. We suggest you figure out your requirements first and then make a decision.

Most of the tricycles that we mentioned are high on comfort, and with six-speeds, they are apt for leisurely, long rides. Let us know if you have any queries! Until then, happy triking, tribe!

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