Best Cyclocross Bikes Under $2000

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Do you need help choosing the best cyclocross bike? Today, we present to you the best cyclocross bike under 2000 bucks. Appearance-wise, these bikes may look like other cyclocross bikes out there. But then, they have a few subtle differences that set them apart from the rest. So, let’s start with our countdown of the best bikes:

6 Best Cyclocross Bikes under $2000 & Reviews

Comparison Chart

5103jqBT14L. SL500
Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike, 700c Women’s Small
41n+l4tesJL. SL500
Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike -White/Black – Medium
Tommaso Fascino – Sport Performance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Tourney, 21 Speeds – Black/Yellow – Extra Small
Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike 700C Wheel Bicycle, Blue, 54cm frame size
Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Carry Rack, Carrying Bag, Black
51a5MzkFzmL. SL500
Schwinn Sporterra Adventure Adult Gravel Bike, 14 Speeds, 700c Wheels, Light Weight Aluminum Frame, Black

1. Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike

5103jqBT14L. SL500

If it’s your first time getting a cyclocross bike, you can consider the Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike without any second thoughts. Even though it’s a road bike, it’s a great choice for a cyclocross bike because it has all the merits of an off-road bike. Seriously, it offers a satisfactory ride on all terrains, while being easy on your wallet. So, it makes more sense to get this bike over other expensive options.

Keep in mind that this bike is suitable for both long and short distance rides. Not to mention that the bike has nice aesthetics to it. Moreover, you won’t have to wait too long to see the marketing benefits of this bike. The bike will ride well from day ‘one’ itself. Sold in small, medium, and large size, you will easily find the right-sized bike that will fit your body frame like a glove.

Product Highlights

The bike components are great, and it’s not too hard to put together this bike singlehandedly. Once assembled, you will be able to tell that it’s not cheap and heavy. For those who don’t know, the bike has a steel frame and fork to it, which enhances the comfort level, especially on longer rides.

Furthermore, the wide gear ratio makes climbing hills relatively easier than usual. The brakes work really well too. The geometry of this bike is spot on as well. Seriously, it will encourage you to ride in an upright position, saving your back from getting destroyed, especially on long rides.

The tires on this bike are not crap like you often see in other affordable bike models. Moreover, the paint job on this bike is splendid. It doesn’t come off easily from multiple areas, which should tell you that the bike will look like new for a long time. Above all, the repair work is also easy on this bike.


  • Light and smooth-riding bike
  • Features a water bottle mount
  • Available in men’s and women’s version


  • Takes a while to get used to the seat

Final Verdict: The Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike is an inexpensive bike for cyclocross riding that can fulfill all your must-have wishes from a high-quality cyclocross bike, of course, without straining your finances.

2. Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike

41n+l4tesJL. SL500

As you can tell from the bike’s title, this cyclocross bike is specifically designed, keeping women riders in mind. Generally, women-specific bikes come with lower product specs. But, this isn’t the case with the Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike. Therefore, this bike can be considered by the opposite gender too. Basically, this bike will ride great no matter what your gender is.

The new generation, in particular, will also love the look of this bike. It looks very modern, stylish, and far more expensive than what it sells for. Not to mention that the bike has excellent design features and trail riding capabilities. The weight of the bike is nearly perfect for its intended riding purpose, allowing you to attain decent speed without any issues.

Product Highlights

The bike features a Superlight Butted 6061 alloy frame, which is great for both routine riding and cyclocross racing. Also, it comes with plenty of gear ratios to choose from. The wheels are tubeless, making this bike a race-conquering machine. This also means that you can run on low-pressure wheels without the fear of the tires going flat.

The mechanical disc brakes on this bike work so well that you will never go back to the traditional style brakes. Also, the gear shifting process is effortless, precise, and quick. Better yet, the bike has narrower than usual handlebars for easy reach and better riding comfort. Moreover, keep in mind that the brand behind this bike is a dominant name in the biking industry.

Since the bike comes partially assembled, be prepared to roll up your sleeves to assemble this bike. Of course, the assembly time is not going to be the same for everyone. Skilled guys will be able to assemble this bike in less than half an hour. On the other hand, inexperienced guys would need about an hour to do the same job. Obviously, you can also take it to a bike shop for installation.


  • Nice and sharp looking bike
  • Has zero quality issues
  • Splendid customer support


  • Not suitable for extremely tall riders

Final Verdict: From a super-light frame to proper aerodynamics, this bike has everything that you need for cyclocross riding. You will have to ride it around to fully appreciate this beautiful beast for what it is. Frankly speaking, the Tommaso bike is astonishingly amazing right out of the box.

3. Tommaso Fascino Sport Performance Aluminum Road Bike

41kuTQCEhXL. SL500

The Tommaso Fascino Performance Sport Bike has all the essence of a good cyclocross bike. It’s well-made, and it doesn’t come at an eye-watering price tag. Usually cheaper bikes weigh a lot. However, this bike weighs only 23.6lbs. Right away, this should give you a fair idea about the standards of this bike. It’s thoughtfully constructed to withstand the harsh riding conditions, among which mud, sand, dirt, gravel, are a few.

Keep in mind that Tommaso is direct to the consumer brand. So, there are no middlemen involved. Since the money-eating vultures are out of the way, the makers are able to sell this bike at an affordable price tag. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to know that this bike performs immeasurably better than its peers. It’s actually a high-end bike that’s sold at a low price point to scare off its competition.

Product Highlights

This bike is lightweight, beautiful, and fast. Yes, thebike runs quite fast too, without you having to swap anything that comes in stock. The chances are that you will be blown away by the bike’s speed. Also, this bike comes mostly assembled at the time of delivery. Of course, you will have to be at home to receive the item because it requires a signature for handover.

Upon unboxing, you will immediately notice that the frame of the bike is really light. Seriously, the frame of this bike will alone cost you more than half the bike’s cost, if you were to shop for it on your own. The seat is also comfortable enough to not hurt your butt. Better still, the bike looks splendid enough to garner compliments. You are bound to feel cool when riding it.

Given how good the bike is, you won’t list it on Craigslist anytime soon. Seriously, every part of this bike is designed for utmost comfort, performance, and efficiency. Therefore, this bike will be a part of your life for long. To attract new customers, Tommaso also offers a lifetime warranty on the bike’s frame. Moreover, they have a great customer support team in place to handle all your queries/concerns.


  • Compact and lightweight frame
  • Has high-quality Shimano Tourney shifters
  • USA-based customer support team


  • Doesn’t come with a kickstand or a bottle holder

Final Verdict: Given the price, you can’t go wrong by getting this bike. It’s 100% worth your money. That said,don’t get this bike with the expectations of it being a low-quality bike. To your surprise, this bike will provide you with much more than your bike money’s worth.

4. Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike 700C Wheel Bicycle

51HZiiv83qL. SL500

This is a highly versatile adventure touring bike that’s capable of many things. Yes, this bike is suitable for off-roading, such as riding on pavements, gravels, mud, mountain trails, and so on, offering you an edge over other adventure bikes out there. Of course, it can fulfill all your cyclocross riding wishes as well. Like a dedicated cyclocross bike, this bike has a relaxed geometry to it. Moreover, it has a strong frame, good wheels, and a powerful braking system to handle unsurfaced trails and dirt roads like a boss.

The seat on this bicycle is plastic coated. But then, it’s surprisingly very comfortable. The front rack is a nice touch on this bike that does its job very well of holding small pieces of luggage. The strength of the bike’s rack is unmatched as well. It can take a decent amount of load, and also hold up well to the abuse of bike touring. In fact, all the stock items have a respectable quality to them. The makers didn’t really use cheap parts on this bike.

Product Highlights

From country roads, dirt trails, to paved bike trails, this bike can handle it all.Even rocky terrains won’t prove to be a big challenge for this bike. The fit and the overall geometry of this bike is spot on. The plus-sized tires help a lot as well. For the price, you would ideally expect a less capable bike, but this isn’t the case with the Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike 700C Wheel Bicycle. It truly has trail conquering abilities.

Of course, you should properly align the brakes and shifters to get the best use out of this bike, which shouldn’t be a big deal because they come preadjusted close enough by default. Therefore, minimal adjustment would be needed from your part. That said, the bike is a bit on the heavier side, which is not a major concern too, because the bike scores really well in other departments. Plus, it does not feel very heavy when riding.

Moreover, you will be able to assemble this bike in less than 45 minutes with little trouble. Furthermore, you can swap a few things on this bike, such as the tires or seat, to something of your preference. The bike does allow room for modification, whenever you feel like upgrading the bike. Above all, this bike is solid enough to last long with some care. So, you don’t have to be concerned about the quality of the bike. It will hold up well to riding abuse for several years and beyond.


  • Comes with extra protection to prevent damage
  • Has five water bottle mounts
  • Nice internal cable routing


  • Not a very light cyclocross bike
  • Some work is needed for bike assembly

Final Verdict: Considering the quality of the bike versus the dollar spent, you should get the Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike 700C Wheel Bicycle without blinking an eyelid. This bike truly offers more than what the company sells it for.

5. Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

51ij1e+TKuL. SL500

If getting a top of the line bike is not your goal, you can get the Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike at a price it’s listed at, without thinking too much. This bike is not only highly affordable, but it’s rock-solid enough to last long in your possession. Of course, it won’t last several lifetimes. However, you will surely get far more than your bike money’s worth. This is actually one of the most favorably reviewed affordable cyclocross bikes that you will find nowadays.

Even though this Schwinn bike comes at a shoestring budget, it won’t cause too many problems, which is apparent from the high number of positive reviews that the bike has received so far. The problems experienced by some riders are usually due to high or unrealistic expectations from their end. After all, it’s not fair to have sky-rocketing expectations from a bike that cost only a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind that high-end cyclocross bikes sell for thousands of dollars. So, you are literally paying peanuts for this bike.

Product Highlights

TheSchwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike is built to go places. Seriously, you will be able to ride this bike on a dirt path, pavement, grass, and on gravel without any issues. You can also go up and down steep hills without too much of a struggle. The brakes work flawlessly, when needed. The seat and handlebar are good as well. As a result, you will not only be riding this bike, but enjoying every moment of it.

This bike folds brilliantly, which is another appealing aspect of this product. It packs up so small that you won’t even feel the need for a bike rack. Just because it’s a folding bike, don’t assume that it’s not meant for taller individuals. Once you unfold it, it will be big enough to accommodate the needs of a six-foot rider. Not to mention that the bike unfolds in just a few easy steps.

Keep in mind that the bike also comes with a carrying bag to keep the bike covered and protected. The accompanying nylon bag is of nice quality too. Also, the bike arrives undamaged due to the expert packaging. The makers have made it clear that they didn’t take any aspect of this bike lightly. From the bike’s built-quality to the packaging, everything about this adult folding bike is right on the money.


  • Comes with a kickstand and steel hinges
  • Sold in black, silver, and white color
  • Lifetime limited warranty offered


  • Bike weighs 33 pounds

Final Verdict: The Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike meets all the criteria for an affordable and well-made cyclocross bike. Therefore, we would recommend this bike to regular or casual cyclocross bike riders without any reservations.

6. Schwinn Sporterra Adventure Adult Bike

51a5MzkFzmL. SL500

The Schwinn Sporterra Adventure Adult Bike has most of the features that you would expect from a nicely built cyclocross bike. As marketed, it’s comfortable and easy to ride. Plus, this bike from Schwinn weighs only 18.5lbs, which is seemingly light for a performance-oriented bike of its nature. The frame and the fork of this bike are constructed from carbon fiber, which, of course, enabled the makers to keep the weight of the bike well under 20lbs.

Also, the bike has a very relaxed seating arrangement to it. Moreover, the bike comes with aluminum seat post, sturdy wheels, and stem handlebars. The best part is that the bike doesn’t have any irregularities in it,like other budget-friendly bikes out there. Given the bike’s attributes, it won’t be an understatement to claim that this bike will ride phenomenally well, even on challenging surfaces.

Product Highlights

As advertised, this Schwinn bike has a fairly relaxed geometry to it. And, it comes with higher-grade components. Yes, this bike features full Shimano 105 groupset, which is pretty wonderful for the product’s price point. Also, pedals are included in the deal, which is really good to know.

Better still, the bike provides an impressive set of gears to keep going at a good speed, when needed. The internal cable routing is fantastic as well. It doesn’t cause a lot of friction when you shift gears. Believe it or not, you can put many miles on this bike with only a small amount of maintenance.

Just like other big-name brands, Schwinn offers a lifetime warranty on the bike’s frame. Above all, this bike is simple to build for someone who has some knowledge of bicycles. As you can tell, this bike easily competes with other expensive cyclocross bike, but at a significantly lower price point than them.


  • Easy to get on/off the bike
  • Looks very attractive


  • Handlebar doesn’t come wrapped

Final Verdict: The bike as a whole is made up of good quality parts and components. Be it for the roads or off-roads; the bike drives like a dream. So, you are bound to feel proud about this purchase.


We would love to know which bike have you chosen from the choices given above. Irrespective of the bike you choose, you are bound to enjoy the ride because of how well-made these bikes are.

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