Best Entry Level Cyclocross Bikes

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Bikes in the cyclocross product category can be anything from highly tuned mountain bike to a multi-purpose adventure bike, and more.

Today, we are going to discuss and review entry level cyclocross bikes available in the market nowadays.

Best Entry Level Cyclocross Bikes: 7 Picks & Reviews

Comparison Chart

Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike with Disc Brakes, Extra Wide Tires, Perfect for Road Or Dirt Trail Touring, Matte Black – Medium
Mongoose Impasse Mens Mountain Bike, 29-Inch Wheels, Aluminum Frame, Twist Shifters, 21-Speed Rear Deraileur, Front and Rear Disc Brakes, Silver
51wPrcdMpDL. SL500
Kent Gzr700 Road Bike, 700C
Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike, Steel Frame, 26-Inch Wheels, 21 Speed, White/Blue
Tomasar Power Electric Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery, 26/20 inch Wheel Cyclocross Bike (US Stock) (26″-Foldable-Black)
411cvwshkeL. SL500
Raleigh Bikes Cadent
51uBmMxf YL. SL500
Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels , Blue/grey

1. Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike

4161OV7NRdL. SL500

The Tommaso Sentiero is a great combination of a road bike and a cyclocross bike that comes at a budget price. We will start off by discussing the frame. This bike features a highly durable and reliable aluminum frame, which most cyclocross riders appreciate these days. Plus, the bike has a carbon fork on it for weight reduction, and, of course, better ride quality.

Keep in mind that there are no mix and match components on this bike. Seriously, the bike company hasn’t cut corners like other brands. This bike comes with full Shimano groupsets to offer you the best riding experience without costing a lot. Everything from the handle to the saddle is optimized for a perfect fit and finish.

Product Features

The compact and light frame of this entry-level bike enables riders to be in a highly comfortable position, while putting less effort on every pedal. The 40cc wheels can handle all kinds of terrains like a boss. This bike can absolutely cruise through most terrains like no other equivalent bike in its price range. 

Moreover, this bike is drilled at all the necessary places to accommodate fenders and racks to make this bike an ideal riding companion for long-distance touring, trail riding, etc. It also has this triple front ring, which is great for those who are not in their best cycling shape. 

Even though it’s an entry-level bike, it’s backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty, which is so rare in today’s age and time. All the stocked items are truly built to last. Not to mention that this bike has a killer look to it. The makers have really nailed it with the black and gold color combination.


  • Comes with a premium handlebar
  • Gear shifting is remarkably smooth
  • Has BB5 disc brakes for all weather-performance


  • Professional assembly is required

Final Verdict: Even though it’s not a feather-light bike, it feels pretty light. Plus, it rides really well for an entry-level cyclocross bike. So, don’t wait too long to get this solid bike. It’s 100% worth the money spent on it.

2. Mongoose Impasse Mens Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Impasse Mens Mountain bike is acapable, entry-level bike for cross racing, which should tell you that this isn’t a pure mountain bike. On the contrary, it’s a highly versatile bike that rides well on all terrains. The 29-inch tires on this machine make riding on grassy fields, mud, gravel roads, and normal street roads a fun and easy affair.

The bike can handle both uphill and downhill activities like a champ. The bike’s seat is very comfortable as well, which adds icing to the cake. Once you ride the bike, you will feel that the folks at Mongoose must have lost their mind when they were finalizing the price of this bike. It truly rides like a dream, especially for a low-price product.

Product Features:

This bike is very well-made. Yes, the quality of the parts and components are not poor. For instance, the bike comes with disc brakes, which ensures precise braking. The gear shift on this bike is also as smooth as other high-end bikes out there. Moreover, this bike looks much better and bigger in person than in the product images.

Not to mention that the 18-inch frame on this bike is optimized for user comfort and performance. Moreover, the bike has a double wall rim, which should tell you that it’s ready to take some pounding. It’s truly more capable of what you would ideally expect from a bike of its price point.

Keep in mind that this bike comes well-packed at the time of delivery. As a result, the package will usually reach your home unharmed. Furthermore, this bike can accommodate some upgrades as well, in case you want to take things to the next level. So, there’s no need to hate this bike for not allowing any room for improvement.


  • Doesn’t make a squeaking noise while riding
  • Disc brakes work surprisingly very well
  • Not overly heavy for its size


  • Better packing required for the delicate parts
  • The owner manual seems to be all over the place

Final Verdict: All in all, this is a good bike for anyone who wants to get his/her feet wet in the cyclocross bike world without dropping a lot of money. If you are someone who likes to go all out, then you will have to get a more expensive bike.

3. Kent Gzr700 Road Bike, 700C

51wPrcdMpDL. SL500

The Kent Gzr700 Road Bike is just the right entry-level bike for a rider who is not too keen on spending a heck of lot of money on a cyclocross bike. The makers have used an aluminum frame on this bike, which is welded to perfection to offer a superior ride quality. The body of this bike is both sturdy and light, exactly how cyclocross riders would prefer.

Also, the geometry of this bike encourages riders to maintain an upright position for easy pedaling. Keep in mind that this bike comes with 24-gears. And, it has alloy brakes fitted in it that function really well. As you can tell, this bike can keep up with serious riding. So, why spend more when you can get a high-powered bike for less than half the price of other big brands?

Product Features

This bike comes with the latest Shimano Claris STI shifters, Shimano Derailleurs, and aluminum crankset, which you normally see in costlier bikes. It can accept wider tires too, up to 700*49mm size. Also, it’s available in two colors: black and yellow. No matter what color you choose, the makers offer a 5-year warranty on the frame and parts.

Unlike other affordable cyclocross bikes, this bike has a solid construction to it. As a result, it won’t be sitting idle in your garage, waiting for a repair, every now and then. So far, all riders have said good things about this bike, which should explain why this bike pops up in reviews that talk about good entry-level cyclocross bikes.

Also, this bike can be put together without any special tools. There will be no missing parts or components to ruin your day. After proper assembling and fine-tuning, the bike will be ready to conquer loose gravel, dirt, mud, and everything else that’s on its way, which is, of course, wonderful to know.


  • Quick and easy enough to put together
  • Bright and attractive paint job


  • Takes a solid 15-20 minutes to unpack

Final Verdict: Of course, this cyclocross isn’t the cream of the crop. Given the low cost, it won’t be fair to have sky-high expectations from this bike. If we judge it based on its asking price, this bike is totally worth every dime spent on it.

4. High Timber Mountain Bike

51J5rzSZOSS. SL500

Your search for a new entry-level cyclocross bike can successfully end with the High Timber Mountain Bike. From trails, gravels, to pavements, this mountain bike can handle it all without any issues. Keep in mind that this bike is sold at an unbelievably low price, which makes this bike all the more attractive to all the cyclocross riders out there.

The bike doesn’t have cheap parts or faulty mechanics to it, like you often see in other inferior brands. So, don’t get fooled by the low asking price. This bike has long-lasting qualities. Also, there’s not too much to do in order to assemble this bike. You just have to add the seat, pedal, handlebar, and tires. Moreover, the gears on this machine come perfect out of the box itself.

Product Features

As hinted earlier, this bike offers a comfortable riding experience on a variety of different terrains. Credit for this goes to the nice product specs. For starters, the brakes on this machine have precise stopping power, and the wheels come with alloy rims to provide a durable riding experience, even on rocky terrains. The bike seat is also very comfortable.

The weight of this bike is around 40lbs, which is in line with other steel-framed cyclocross bikes out there. Of course, there are lighter ones out there, but they cost a fortune. That said, the 21-speed gears on this bike are of Shimano, like other high-priced bikes. And, this bike fits riders of most sizes without any problem.

Those who have subjected the High Timber Mountain Bike to tens and thousands of miles have stated that this bike can truly handle rough rides like no other equivalent bike in its price range. This bike didn’t fail them on both trails and pathways. It stayed in ‘fine’ condition, even after long rides.


  • Has a good quality body 
  • Seat has adequate cushioning
  • Comes with nice packaging and wrapping


  • Pedals hit the ground during sharp turns

Final Verdict: Overall, this bike looks wonderful, rides nicely, brakes great, and doesn’t cost a bomb. The bike brand is pretty well-known too. So, it won’t prove to be a non-sensible decision to consider this entry-level bike for a joyful ride.

5. Tomasar Power Electric Bike

514ECZZaZFL. SL500

Let’s talk about an electric model cyclocross bike that can suit the needs of entry-level riders very well. This electric bike rides great on city streets, paved trails, as well as rugged trails. With throttle or the pedal assist, you will be able to climb steep hills with relative ease. Yes, this electric bike comes with a throttle on the right handlebar, just in case you are tired of pedaling the bike.

Even though the vehicle weighs 20kg, it has a load-bearing capacity of nearly 150kg, which should tell you how sturdy this bike is. For those who don’t know, the makers have fitted the bike with really sturdy tires that can literally conquer the trails. It has double layer aluminum alloy wheels on the front and rear side. Also, this bike can be folded and carried in your car’s trunk.

Product Features

The bike is fun to ride both by men and women. It has solid workmanship to it to put most of its peers in the same price range to shame. The front fork does a wonderful job of shock absorption. Also, this bike can go faster than you would expect. Yes, it can attain a maximum speed of 25-35km per hour. Of course, the speed would vary based on the riding surface.

The Tomasar Electric Bike is fitted with a brushless motor, which is way better than your regular bike motor. Seriously, the motor holds up beautifully for many years. Keep in mind that you can easily ride 25 plus miles on one charge. Once fully drained, the battery can be recharged within 4-5 hours. You can also get a replacement battery, if there is a need for it in the future.

Also, the stock seat is quite comfortable for long rides. At 20 kg, some riders may argue that it’s a little heavy for their taste. But then, you don’t really feel the weight while pedaling because of how well-made the bike is. Of course, carrying it on the stairs will still be an ordeal.


  • Disc brakes work very well
  • Arrives safely in nice packaging


  • Battery cannot be removed for charging

Final Verdict: If you are itching to get an electric model cyclocross bike, this bike should be a safe bet. It’s really made available at the least money that could be spent on a well-made, entry-level cyclocross bike of its nature.

6. Raleigh Bikes Cadent

411cvwshkeL. SL500

For the money spent, the Raleigh Bikes Cadent will truly impress you. Of course, you will be spending far less than what the bike provides, leaving you with no choice but to love this entry-level cyclocross bike for what it is. Even though you are not spending a lot, you won’t witness any chain drops, broken parts, or damaged tires in the middle of your ride.

Yes, this bike will hold up well to rough terrains. Keep in mind that this is an all-in-one bike. It’s wonderful for riding on mud, dirt, streets, gravel, and mountain trails too. Also, this bike is relatively easy to assemble. If you have assembled any bike before, you won’t even need a volunteer to put this bike together. The instruction manual covers everything in detail. 

Product Features

This bike is not too huge or heavy. At the same time, it rides pretty fast. Better still, the gear shifts smoothly. And, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to pedal this thing. Therefore, this bike won’t seem like a torture device to you, especially on long rides. On the contrary, you will love every second of your ride.

The sturdy construction of this bike, along with solid wheels, ensures that the bike doesn’t wobble during use. Also, the seat on this bike is not as hard as rock like you see in other affordable bikes. Moreover, the Tetra M275 hydraulic disc brake on this machine provides wonderful stopping power. The bike will truly stop at a moment’s notice.

Another nice aspect of this bike is the product warranty. As long as you are the original purchaser of this bike, you will be offered a lifetime warranty on the frame. Of course, this bike isn’t for all the hardcore riders out there. But then, the bike should definitely appeal to all the beginners and intermediate riders out there.


  • Has a customized aluminum frame
  • Comes with pedals included
  • Available in many different colors


  • Doesn’t come with a kickstand

Final Verdict: For what you get for the price, you shouldn’t be hesitant to acquire this cyclocross bike. For an entry-level bike, you would be hard-pressed to find anything better.

7. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

51uBmMxf YL. SL500

If you are looking for an inexpensive replacement for your dying cyclocross bike, it’s worth rolling the dice on the Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike. Although marketed as a mountain bike, it’s a fit enough candidate for non-heavy-duty cyclocross riding. You can travel miles on miles on this bike without any hiccups because it’s built to handle all terrains.

Issues (if any) will be regarding a biker’s personal preference, and it may not have anything to do with the bike itself, which is apparent from the product reviews. The good news is that most reviews across various web platforms are positive. It’s truly far better than the bikes selling at your local shop, especially for its price.

Product Features

The bike looks great in person. Yes, it’s much better-looking than what you see in the pictures. And, this bike can fit most people after making some seat and handlebar adjustments. The best thing happens when you ride this bike. As advertised, it rides/operates like a breeze. Seriously, it offers a much smoother ride than what you would expect at its price point.

The suspension on this bike provides a nice feel, even on nasty roads and bumpy sidewalks. The 29-inch tires are a nice addition to this bike. They provide a good grip when you ride over muddy spots. They can literally save you from falling off the bike. The gear shift is smooth too, and it brakes really well.

Even if you are in bad shape, you will have no issues setting this bike up for use. Of course, you will have to read the product manual first to get a good hang of the installation process. Everything considered, this can easily win the award for the best entry-level cyclocross bike in the market.


  • Looks much more expensive
  • Kickstand is already installed


  • Stock seat isn’t the best out there

Final Verdict: The Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike is truly an awesome starter bike for anyone looking to get into cyclocross riding. As long as you are not over-expecting, you will love this solid bike for what it is.


These bikes are indeed the best entry-level bike proposition you will find around. With these cherry picked cyclocross bikes at your fingertips, are you ready to get in on action mode?

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