Best Fat Bikes under 2000

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Has there ever been a time when you saw a fat bike from your car window and thought, “Why don’t I own this cool, rugged bike?”

If you have been mulling over the subject of whether to invest in a fat bike or not or if you don’t know which fat bike to go for, then this is for you.

Simply put, fat bikes are those with 4” to 5” wide tires. These were designed to ride on difficult surfaces like sand, snow, mud, and desert. The wide surface area of the tires helps in increasing the grip and soak up the bumps of thumps of challenging terrain.

Initially, adventure aficionados who loved biking in rugged terrains used to be the few ones who owned a fat bike, but these days, lots of bikers use the fat bike to explore trails and mountains. Fat bikes are even used on urban roads.

And, that’s probably a good thing. With an increase in demand, the manufacturers are trying to design and construct fat bikes that are affordable for the masses and also trying to make them lighter in weight. If you have ever ridden a fat bike before, you would know that they are considerably heavy, and if they got any lighter, it would just make them more perfect.

Best Fat Bikes under 2000 & Reviews

1. Cyrusher XF660 Electric Bike

Cyrusher XF650 1000W Electric Mountain Bike 264 inch Fat Tire e-Bike 7 Speeds Beach Cruiser Mens Sports Mountain Bike for Adults,48V 13AH Lithium Battery Beach Cruiser for Adults (Blue)

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Built using the 6061 aluminum frame, the Cyrusher is durable and sturdy. It has passed the CE certification for safety and is one of the popular models.

With a front lockout suspension that offers extra cushioning, the Cyrusher makes for a comfortable ride.

Compared to other electric bikes, this is slightly more expensive but is worth the investment. It is lighter, weighing 50 pounds, owing to the weight due to its fat 26” x 4” tires and the electronic components.

It is fitted with a powerful 1000W brushless motor, which gives the bike the power to reach 25mph easily with a travel distance of 30 to 40 miles.

The  motor is charged with a 48 V/13 Ah lithium battery that is removable. It can be charged easily either on or off the bike. It takes the battery about 5 to 7 hours to charge fully.

The Cyrusher has a Shimano 7-speed shifter with a rear derailleur that helps in smooth gearing. It has a dual hydraulic brake system that lends the rider complete power over the bike with its powerful and precise stopping power.

The bike comes with three modes of assistance: twist throttle, power-assisted, and pedal only. The twist throttle offers a firm grip and is easy to operate.

The Cyrusher also features a speed controller with three speeds – low, medium, and fast. It is fitted with a front light and a horn for safety purposes. It has an LCD screen that helps set the mode of assistance and provides information regarding battery life, speed, etc.

The bike comes 95% assembled, and it is easy to put together the rest of it.


  • Impressive motor power of 1000W
  • Hydraulic braking system


  • No fenders to protect the bike from mud
  • The bike’s geometry is not favorable for smaller frame people

Our Verdict: The Cyrusher is slightly more expensive, but it provides excellent value for money. Lots of reviewers use it for commuting, along with using it for off-roading. It offers great speed and has long-lasting battery life.

2. Framed Minnesota 2.0

Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike Womens

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Framed has a lot of models that are affordable and built with quality components. The geometry and construction is specific to female riders, which is hard to find in a fat bike.

Minnesota 2.0 features the 6061 aluminum alloy frame and fork, which contributes to the lightweight and the durability of the bike.

The fat 4” knobby tires are perfect for riding your bike on rough surfaces, be it snow, desert sand, or bouncy trails. The pressure in the tire can be easily adjusted to adapt to any terrain.

The 18-speed SRAM 2×9 drivetrain lends power to the bike and gives a lot of options for easy gearing. The bike is equipped with SRAM X5/X7 trigger shifters with front and rear derailleurs.

The Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes provide immense stopping power. It is essential for fat bikes to be fitted with good brakes for complete control over uncertain surfaces.

Although it comes partially assembled, it requires some time to put it together since it’s a fat bike, but it’s not complicated. The brake adjustment might take some time, so it’s advisable to take it over to professionals in case you are not used to it.


  • Geometry and construction is suitable for women
  • Easy gear shifting
  • Lightweight, weighing only 33 pounds


  • Brake assembly and adjustment is slightly cumbersome

Our Verdict: It’s hard to find a fat bike which suits riders with a smaller frame, so the Minnesota 2.0 is like a blessing. It has a female-specific saddle, making it comfortable and functional. Compared to other fat bikes, this one is lightweight and sturdy. It’s slightly more expensive than the Malus, but for a bike under $800, it’s worth the investment!

3. Ecoteric Fat Tire Electric Bike

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike 36V 12Ah Removable Lithium Battery Beach Snow Bicycle 20' Ebike 500W Electric Moped Electric Mountain Bicycles

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If you thought finding an electric fat bike that’s affordable and a great ride was difficult, we have some good news for you. The Ecoteric is a sturdy machine with fat tires that provide premium traction.

The frame is crafted using aluminum, which is durable and lightweight. It comes 90% assembled, but it’s slightly tricky to adjust the bike according to individual preferences.

The 26” by 4” fat tires are ideal for riders who want to explore the snow, sand, or the bumpy terrains. The frame is suitable for tall riders, 5’11” and above.

The bike’s weight is 55 pounds, making it pretty heavy. But, the motor makes up for it. The 500W rear hub motor is quiet and powerful, and it can easily reach up to 20mph.

Ecoteric features a 36v Li-Ion battery that powers its motor. It lasts for about 50 miles if you use the pedal assist mode, and for 19 miles approximately if you use the throttle mode. The battery is removable, making it convenient to charge. It takes about 5-8 hours to charge the battery fully.

Featuring the Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear wheels, the braking system is robust and has precise stopping power.

The Ecoteric has an SW900 LCD controller that assists the rider to set his preferences and provides information about the battery charge, speed, odometer, motor watts, and level of assistance.

The bike has five different modes, depending on the amount of power you need your motor to provide you with.


  • Powerful motor that makes hill climbing very easy
  • Five modes of assistance
  • Inexpensive, compared to other electric fat bikes


  • A lot of time needed to recharge the battery fully
  • Braking is difficult in muddy terrain

Our Verdict: Ecoteric is a fantastic budget electric fat bike. It provides excellent value for money. It makes for a heavy ride, but the powerful motor makes up for it. With five modes of assistance, it caters to all your riding needs.

4. Gravity Bullseye Monster Five X FS

Gravity Bullseye Monster Five X FS Aluminum Fat Bike with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Mens Fat Tire Bicycle 26' x 4.9' (Matt Black, 14' fits Most 5'5' to 5'8')

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The Monster is constructed using the 6061 aluminum alloy that is lightweight, strong, and durable.

For a fat bike, it is quite light, weighing about 35 pounds. It has super-wide, knobby 26” x 4.9” tires that provide maximum traction on challenging terrains. The tires are bouncy, and they absorb the thumps and shocks of the bumpy trails.

Equipped with a Shimano hydraulic brake system for the front and rear wheels, the Monster assures incredible stopping power. Your fat bike requires a great braking system that can lend you maximum control over your bike.

With 10-speed SRAM RD-GX derailleur and SL-GX shifter, the bike promises powerful riding and smooth shifting.

According to the reviews, the assembly is straightforward. However, extensive tuning is required before riding the bike.


  • The hydraulic brake system
  • Lightweight, weighing about 35 pounds


  • Extensive tuning required before riding

Our Verdict: The Monster is versatile when it comes to riding on varied terrains. It works well on both sand and snow, owing to its fat 4.9” tires. The tires might be bouncier than the 4” ones, but they handle the rough terrain better. The bike is slightly expensive compared to entry-level fat bikes, but the hydraulic brake system is a huge plus.

5. DJ Electric Fat Bike

DJ Fat Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle, Matte Black, LED Bike Light, Suspension Fork and Shimano Gear,

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The DJ electric fat bike is a versatile machine that serves well on urban as well as off-road too. It has managed to pass the UL 2848 tests, which are supposed to have the highest standards for safety and quality.

The bike is constructed using the aircraft-grade aluminum that is sturdy and can handle tricky terrain. It is on the heavier side, weighing about 58 pounds. But, considering it is a fat bike with additional electronic components, it is natural for it to be heavy.

The 26” x 4” fat tires are perfect for maneuvering the surfaces you can’t generally explore with a regular bike. The floatation of the low-pressure tires are great for soft surfaces like sand and snow.

The advantage of fat tires is that they soak up the bumps, and you feel as if you are ‘floating’ on the surface, even without suspension. The Mozo suspension fork adds to the absorption power of the bike considerably, making DJ a comfortable ride.

To compensate for the heaviness, the bike is fitted with a powerful Bafang brushless 750W battery that is quiet and can make your bike go up to 20mph.

Equipped with a 48V lithium battery,  the bike can be easily charged on or off the bike. The charging time is about 4 hours, which is lesser than that of most fat bikes.

The Tektro brakes have excellent stopping power so that you can control the beast. The LED display giving information on the battery power, assistance mode, etc., is user friendly, and easy to read.

For smooth gearing, the DJ features a 7-speed Shimano gear, and it can let you choose from the five modes of assistance. Most riders prefer the pedal-assist since it is a good way to workout and saves up battery life too.


  • Has passed the UL tests for safety and quality
  • Powerful 750W battery
  • Less recharge time of 4 hours


  • Heavy, weighing about 58 pounds
  • Not suitable for people with a smaller frame

Our Verdict: The DJ is a fantastic bike that is safe, sturdy, and made with high-quality components. It is equipped with a powerful motor that gives you a push to tour places you haven’t before. The battery life is long and recharges quickly. It can go upto 20mph on the pedal-assist mode and can reach even higher speeds on the throttle mode. Providing great value for money, it’s a bike you can safely invest in.

6. Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 7-Speed, Twist Shifters, Steel Frame, Mechanical Disc Brakes, Silver with Red Rims

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If you are new to the world of fat bikes and don’t want to spend a lot, this is one of the good options amongst the low-budget fat bikes. Mongoose manages to make affordable fat bikes that are also popular amongst novice riders.

Malus has a steel frame with fat, knobby 4” tires with alloy rims that are light and durable. There is plenty of clearance for you to ride on any terrain.

With 7-speeds, Malus has a Shimano rear derailleur. People who own bikes know that Shimano is one of the best in the biking industry.

It has a drivetrain of 1×7 and features mechanical disc brakes in the front and rear, which gives it an immense stopping power.

Although it is quite heavy and weighs about 42 pounds, it’s sturdy, functional, and provides good value for the money.

It’s hard to find a fat bike that is inexpensive and serves its purpose too. With the Malus, you can get your hands dirty with the thrill of fat-biking without burning a hole in your pocket.

You won’t have to lock away your bike in the garage with the onset of winters anymore. You have this beast to conquer any terrain, be it snow, sand, or mud.


  • Easy assembly
  • Fitted with a threadless headset for easy adjustment


  • Uncomfortable seat post
  • Pretty heavy for some

Our Verdict: A great entry-level fat bike, Malus is sturdy, practical, and an excellent bike to invest in if your budget is tight. The low-pressure inflation that lends the knobby tires its floatation makes for a comfortable ride that absorbs the shocks and bumps of the terrain. If you love the idea of fat biking but haven’t tried before, you should buy the Malus before investing in an expensive fat bike.

7. Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bike

Addmotor MOTAN Step-Thru Electric Bicycle Comfort Fitness Bike 26 Inch Fat Tire Suspension 750W Motor Mountain Commuter M-450 P7 E-Bike Fenders+Rear Rack(Black/Red)

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One of the best bikes under $2000, the Addmotor Moton, is designed keeping both the male and female body frame in mind.

It has a low rise top tube that makes it easier for the rider to mount and dismount. It is fit for riders who are 5’6” to 6’5” tall.

Motan has fat, knobby 26” x 4” tires that promise the ‘floatation’ that every fat bike rider demands. The bike works great on challenging surfaces, absorbing the shocks and bumps easily.

Built using the 6061 aluminum frame, this fat bike is sturdy and functional. It weighs about 67 pounds, making it bulky.

However, it has a powerful 750W Bafang brushless motor affixed to the rear hub, which powers the bike and helps it reach speeds up to 30mph. The motor power is something that makes it stand out and supports about 350 pounds of weight.

The 48V 11.6Ah battery provides the bike with the power to go upto 40 to 50 miles between charges. The torque generated even allows the bike to manage a 60-degree ascent. It takes the battery about 3 to 4 hours to charge fully, which is relatively less compared to other e-bikes.

The drivetrain provides 7 gears for its speeding options. The speeds are all well-ratioed and hence provide ample efficiency in high and low gear settings, which can be achieved using a Shimano shifter. All the components are Shimano TX55.

The heavy-duty Tektro dual mechanical brakes provide the bike with precise stoppage and maximum control over this beast.

The bike provides three working modes: Normal bike, an e-bike with full throttle and pedal assist mode. It has variable speed control so that the rider has complete command over the bike.

The bike is fitted with a 5-inch LCD monitor that helps you keep track of the settings. It has a sturdy back rack to carry essentials without any hassle.


  • Excellent torque for a steep ascent
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Fast speeds of upto 40 to 50 mph


  • Difficult to assemble
  • You can’t fully lock the front shock

Our Verdict: The Motan is a great bike that provides value for the money. The powerful battery is a highlight that helps the rider reach speeds up to 30mph. The battery life is long, lasting about 40 to 50 miles and recharges in 4 hours. The bike is comfortable, unisex, and highly functional. What’s best is that the bike can maneuver any kind of terrain, be it on-road or off-road.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Fat Bike

Fat Bikes are expensive, which is why it’s crucial to invest after thorough research, and only after knowing what you exactly want. There are some things you should keep in mind before you pick your fat bike.

Width of the Tires & Floatation

It’s very tempting to own a fat bike with the fattest of tires. But, it’s vital to know what kind of terrain you’d be riding on, to decide on the width of tires you’ll require. Most riders prefer the 4” tires since they are ideal for most terrains. You should go for the 5” ones if you are genuinely going to ride on the harsh terrains most of the time. The fatter the tire, the more the bounce. It can become uncomfortable over long distances.

Weight of the bike

If you’ve decided to invest in a fat bike, you already know they are all heavy. But depending on your frame and body, you need to determine what weight you are comfortable with. A heavier bike is harder to maneuver. Comfort is the most important if you want to enjoy biking.

Motor Capacity

If you want to buy an electric fat bike, the motor capacity is essential. An electric fat bike is heavier than a regular one because of the electrical components. The motor has to be good enough to power the bike for longer distances and give a consistent performance.

Brakes and Gearing

Different brakes work differently depending on the terrain that you frequently ride on. For colder climates, mechanical disc brakes work well. Hydraulic brake systems work better for warmer climates like desert tours. If you want a hydraulic braking system for colder regions, you should go for the ones that use DOT fluid instead of mineral oil.

When it comes to gearing, with the increased weight of your camping essentials and wider rims and tires, a low gear will be more suitable. The gearing needs to suit the diameter of your wheel size.

Final Verdict

Fat bikes are a rage these days. When you leave your home on these big, fat beasts, you are sure to turn heads and get approving glances. You no longer have to lock away your bike in the winter and can easily enjoy a beach-side ride with these beauties.

Fat bikes are a great way to get some exercise and also satiate the explorer in you. Be it those mountain trails that you’ve always wanted to go on an adventure to, or the snow-clad peaks you wanted  to ride on; these bikes will serve their purpose well!

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