Best Folding Tricycles For Adults

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Tricycles are liberating! 

Whether you are a 71-year-old who can’t ride a bike because of his bad balance or a pet-lover who refuses to go riding without them, you could overcome all of these hurdles with a tricycle.

Irrespective of your reason for choosing to trike, Tricycles are undoubtedly convenient and fun to ride.

Now, if bikers could fold their bikes and enjoy pedaling through the wind on a trail, why can’t trike-lovers do the same? 

You too could fold your trike, put it in your car, and drive to the trail you have always wanted to explore.

All you have to do is get a folding tricycle instead of a simple tricycle! 

We have observed quite a hike in the sales of tricycles, and we think the reason to be the fact that riding a trike is not reserved only for seniors anymore.

And folding tricycles are the right way to go if you want to go for an experimental trike, away from the hubbub of the city!  

However, which folding tricycle would be best for you? The size of the frame and wheels, the material of the frame, speeds, and weight are only a few of the factors that you will have to consider before choosing a tricycle.

Let’s not stress! We’ve already done that for you!

Comparison Chart

Mantis 67520 Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle, 20 inch Wheels, 16 inch Frame, Unisex, Blue
51vIG2A20BL. SL160
Nuvo Adult Folding Trike, 20″
51+RJC75ezL. SL160
VANELL 14″/16″/20“ Tricycle Bike Teenager 3 Wheeled Bicycle with Large Size Basket for Shopping Exercise Recreation
51bmy13i65L. SL500
Bkisy Tricycle Adult 26’’ 7-Speed 3 Wheel Bikes for Adults Three Wheel Bike for Adults Adult Trike Adult Folding Tricycle Foldable Adult Tricycle 3 Wheel Bike Trike for Adults (Blue)
Areyourshop 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle Cruise Cargo Bike Trike with Basket

5 Best Folding tricycles for Adults & Reviews

1. Mantis Tri-Rad Adult Unisex Folding Tricycle

418R0kGovsL. SL500

Mantis Tri-Rad is one of the best tricycles for adults and seniors with more mentions for its efficiency than most of the other trikes.

It is made of a steel folding frame that is quite resistant and light in weight. 

The low cut of its frame has made this tricycle a comfortable one for seniors and teenagers with balance issues as it’s ideal for safe mounting and dismounting.

When it’s a folding tricycle you want to buy, considering the weight is necessary as you have to lift it and put it in the car/storeroom/room under the stairs/anywhere.

Conveniently, Mantis Tri-Rad weighs only 45 pounds, yes, lesser than many of the cruiser and mountain bikes. So for a tricycle, it is fantastically lightweight.

This trike features a large spring saddle that could easily fit people of varying sizes. 

Tri-Rad is easy to fold with a twist and pull off a quick-release lever. 

Folding it in half is hassle-free and efficient, perfect for your quick outdoor triking plans. And the collapsible handlebars make it even easier.

Its front suspension fork makes it possible for you to have a fairly bump-free ride. It reduces the shocks from abrupt braking.

The 20×1.75 inch white Kenda wheels have aluminum rims making them stable enough to carry the weight of the tricycle.

This is a single speed trike, so you may not want to go with it if you are planning on going for the hills. However, it works fine on straight trails and gravel paths.

If you don’t wish to go with the single-speed, Mantis Tri-Rad also has a 6-speed adult trike as an option in the same category of folding tricycles.

The front V-brakes of Mantis ha proven to be efficient with the immediate stoppage whenever required. It also features a parking brake that keeps the trike parked in a position on inclined surfaces.

With a fender in the front, you will not have to worry about getting dirt on yourself while riding. And the large basket at the rear serves several purposes, from carrying groceries to backpack and supplies while riding.


  • Comfortable; the low cut frame makes mounting/dismounting easier
  • Easy to assemble; some users have been able to put it together within an hour
  • Quite sturdy for a lightweight tricycle


  • Some components might not be of optimum quality
  • Tires may not uphold off-road rides

Our Verdict: Mantis Tri-Rad offers great value for money, and with features so sharp, it tops the list of our recommendations. It is one of the most widely purchased tricycles on Amazon, and for a reason- it’s feasible.

2. Nuvo Adult Folding Trike, 20″

51vIG2A20BL. SL500

Uniquely designed, Nuvo folding adult tricycle is a successful attempt of two brothers, one mechanic and the other a physical therapist, to bring comfort as well as safety to triking.

Several things make this tricycle stand apart from the others. 

First, it has a unique, patented suspension system that makes sure you have a shock-free and smooth ride on different types of surfaces.

If having a good suspension is your priority, go ahead with this bike without a second thought as the makers are known for it.

Second, unlike most of the tricycles, Nuvo adult folding trike has pedals in the front featuring a freewheel mechanism. As the trike moves with the front wheel first, it allows the riders to maneuver through constricted areas.

This makes a big difference as it provides better accessibility to the riders of all the ages, sizes, and efficacies.

All three wheels are big in size. With the front wheel being 20 inches in diameter and 3 inches wide, and the rear wheels being 12 inches in diameter and 3 inches wide, all three do a great job in providing stability to the rider.

It is because of the fat wheels and its steel frame that a rider as heavy as 250 pounds can easily ride this trike.

Although the size of the trike may seem small and you may strike it off as ‘not for adults,’ we would recommend you not to do that. 

The handlebars are wide and upright, and the seat is broad with a provision of quick-release adjustment promising a comfortable ride for adults anywhere between 4’10” to 6’3”.

This is a single-speed trike. With no gearing system, it may not be easy to ride it on inclined surfaces. However, the positive side of no gearing system is low maintenance.

In addition to the sturdiness of this trike, you also get a basket on the rear with this model. Carrying groceries, backpacks, lunch for picnics, etc. is convenient. The size of the basket is 21x15x8 inches.

With rim brakes on the left (which you could shift to the right), you could easily put a stop to your ride immediately.

Being a folding trike, transporting it won’t be an issue. The size of this trike is relatively smaller, so it may not fold as small as you may have expected.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy transport with efficient folding and lightweightedness
  • Patented suspension system


  • May need an expert for assembly
  • A relatively new brand but has satisfied many customers with this trike

Our Verdict: This trike offers great value for money with big wheels that offer stability, a basket, and a suspension system of its own. Go for Nuvo if the suspension is the number one priority for you!

3. VANELL 20“ Foldable Tricycle 

41AyDa2FNAL. SL500

Vanell folding tricycle has received an amazing response from the buyers, which is a sign that depending on it for its quality, would not be a risk.

Like all the previous tricycles we discussed, Vanell 20” folding trike also rides on single-speed. Riding on rocky and steep surfaces may not go well with this tricycle.

Made with carbon steel, the frame of this tricycle is sturdy and durable with a large capacity of carriage.

You could easily load up to 286 lbs on the trike, which includes your weight and the contents of the cargo. It’s a semi-heavy duty tricycle.

The support of the 20” big wheels make the trike stable on any roads and conditions for teenagers and adults.

With a broad saddle that’s also padded, riding it is a comfortable experience. With fenders in the front, there’s a minimum chance of getting yourself dirty.

Another factor that has helped this tricycle land the crown of being the most comfortable tricycle is its adjustable handle. Made of premium rubber featuring special texture for grip, and height-adjustability, you could easily rely on it for a hassle-free ride.

You can quickly and efficiently fold this tricycle to store or transport it as you please. The basket has enough clearance, making the trike perfect to carry heavyweight.

With its sleek and feasible design, Vanell will continue to win the hearts of riders; that’s what we think!


  • Ranks number one on Amazon’s best selling comfort bikes
  • Can carry upto 286 lbs of weight including cargo
  • Sturdy 


  • It’s heavy
  • Assembly may need assistance

Our Verdict: If you are looking for a trike to go on shopping groceries or drop-offs, Vanell might be a perfect choice. It offers a comfortable riding experience without you having to compromise on dumping the load. Plus, it’s a steal for the price!

4. Bkisy Tricycle Adult 26’’, 7-speed 

51bmy13i65L. SL500

Ranked as number one new release in adult folding bikes, Bkisy Tricycle is our pick from the group of seven-speed tricycles.

The seven-speed Shimano drivetrain lets the riders shift through speeds easily and quickly, which is a desirable feature for safety.

Because this tricycle has 7 speeds, it features front V and rear brakes, providing double protection. Intuitive stopping is not a task when you ride Bkisy Tricycle.

With huge 26” wheels and fenders, this adult trike is strong enough to carry 220 lbs, including the content in the basket.

Bkisy tricycle is made of premium carbon steel, which does not let your trike to corrode or rust. The design of the frame is practical for it to fold easily when necessary.

The dimensions of the tricycle after folding is 73.6×30 inch. One of the reviewers posted an affirmation that it fits easily in his Honda Pilot.

The saddle of this trike is padded, and the extra-large size with springs promise you a smooth ride without shocks and bumps. The seat is also adjustable.

The features of this trike are so rich that riding it would be nothing but delightful.


  • The saddle is extra-comfortable, perfect for people with back issues
  • Great value for money
  • Durable


  • Assembly instructions not clear

Our Verdict: This is one of the best options in the category of more than 3-speed adult trikes. If you have never assembled a bike, you may need to take it to the bike shop. Other than that, there’s no other difficulty that you may have to endure.

5. Areyourshop 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle 

419PAw1rqCS. SL500

Areyourshop folding tricycle has a steel frame and suspension fork. With its structure made from a durable material, this trike offers great value for money.

With an adjustable handlebar, riding this trike is easy for men and women for varying height. 

The 20” white wall Kenda tires of Areyourshop with aluminum rim are sturdy. They also come with a reflecting stripe that adds safety to the night rides.

Most folding bicycles that we covered are single-speed, including Areyourshop. Although it may not be an efficient choice if you want to ride it on steep hills, this folding tricycle is pretty great on flat, straight surfaces.

The V brakes in the front are efficient in stopping the trike whenever you need it. It also features a parking brake that keeps the trike still on inclined surfaces. 

Along with a suspension fork, this tricycle provides extra-comfort with its soft saddle. The crate for carrying stuff is nicely structured. 

In all, this is a decent trike with primary assembly issues which you could easily overcome with the help of an expert at any bike shop.


  • The saddle is wide, cushioned, and with springs; absorb road bumps effectively
  • Great for tricycle beginners


  • Assembly instructions not clear. 

Our Verdict: Areyourshop folding tricycle is a great beginner-level trike, especially if you have never tried one. It is comfortable with a wide saddle and adjustable handlebar. If you want to go for traditional frames, this is a good option to consider in the single-speed folding tricycle section.

5 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Foldable Tricycle


Why are you considering a foldable tricycle over a traditional tricycle? You want to transport it easily, right? Or you don’t have enough storage space for a tricycle.

These are some vital reasons why you might be choosing a folding tricycle, and if a trike doesn’t serve that purpose, it’s money not spent well.

Check the size of the folded trike to make sure it will be as easy to store or transport as you had thought.


All the factors and features of any trike are relative to your requirements. Tricycles are larger in size, and that’s why they might be heavier than a bicycle.

Apart from that, materials play a huge role in defining the weight and quality of the trike. Anything that’s aluminum is the best and lightest.

Carbon steel and steel are heavier than aluminum. So if the wheels are bigger, it might be better to have a steel frame. 

Considering the relativities before making a decision is the best course before investing hundreds of dollars.


The saddle of your trike is one of the major factors that will decide your comfort level while riding. 

As opposed to bikes where narrower seats provide better motion to your legs, tricycles need broader seats for balance. 

Check if the saddle is padded and made of good material for long-term value and comfort. Also, if the saddle is adjustable, go for it instead of the other options.


After the seat, it is the height and distance of the handlebar that decides if the ride will be pleasant and easy on your posture or not.

Make sure that your height and the alignment of the handles are complementing each other.

For getting the best value for money, choose a trike with adjustable handlebars. 


The larger the wheels, the better the durability of a trike! But also, the larger the wheels, the larger the frames, and the heavier the trike!

Let’s keep in mind that you are driving a tricycle. It has three wheels and a wider structure to support. 

If your body-frame is small, choose trikes with average wheel size like 20”. 

Similarly, if your weight is more than 250-300 lbs, and you also need a cart to carry, you might want to look for 500 lbs capacity trike for adults. You might not get enough options, especially folding ones, but it’s worth going for what’s suitable.

Final Verdict

The folding tricycles are perfect for adults and seniors who are keen on taking riding as a physical exercise but are unable to because of balance issues.

Several parents have been able to introduce cycling to their children’s life who are autistic or have down syndrome with the help of trikes.

But amidst the reasons which are always based on strong will, disappointment often shows its face when you make a mistake in the selection process.

So, take as much as time as you might need to study the structure of trikes, and only then select a folding tricycle that suits you the best. As most of the listed bikes are of the same price-range, you may not have to delve much about it. 

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