Best Gravel Bikes under 1500

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Chasing an affordable gravel bike is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, you can get a high-quality bike at an affordable price tag. It turns out that we have shortlisted 7 best gravel bikes under 1500 bucks. Some of them cost well below 1500. So, let’s start our countdown of the best gravel bikes that don’t cost a lot.

7 Best Gravel Bikes under 1500 & Reviews

1. Cinelli Zydeco Gravel Bicycle

Cinelli Zydeco Gravel Bicycle Full Color Medium

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If you are increasingly interested in riding a gravel bike, you should cast your eyes on the Cinelli Zydeco Gravel Bicycle to get the best performing bike in its domain. This bike has quite a few praiseworthy features to it. To begin with, the bike has the modern looks to die for. And, it’s a performance hero too. Seriously, this bike can proudly stand next to more expensive bikes and still outshine them because of how good it is. Frankly speaking, the closest competition to this gravel bike in its price range will appear to be full of flaws in direct comparison to this product.

To keep up with the company’s tradition, the overall geometry of this bike is made to be a bit more aggressive than your traditional gravel bike. The bike offers better tire clearance, has a lower bottom bracket, and the head angle is perfect enough to offer necessary stability during a ride. Lately, the makers have also introduced the XS size bike to cater to the riding needs of a wider audience. Technically, this bike is far more suitable for off-road riding than other gravel bikes out there. It will undoubtedly impress the bulk of the future bike purchasers out there.

Product Highlights

The aerodynamics of this bike will ensure that you feel good during regular commuting as well as racing. If you don’t have prior experience of gravel biking, you will like this bike all the more, because it will make you realize how fun it is to conquer gravel roads, especially when you are on the riding seat of a well-made gravel bike. The bike won’t wobble on off-road terrains like other inferior bikes out there.

Keep in mind that this bike features a drop bar handle to it, which will enable you to go faster than usual with the same effort. The positioning of it really helps with speed and efficiency. Also, the cable routing of this bike is not screwed up. Furthermore, the gears on this bike work smoothly with minimal possible friction. Above all, the Cinelli Zydeco bike doesn’t feel overly heavy during a ride, which is really good to know.

Not to understate the fact that this bike won’t show up with scratches, dents, or any other irregularities because of the expert packaging. Moreover, the bike comes mostly assembled. Once fully assembled, you will realize that the frame, hardware, cables, paint job, graphics, handlebar, saddle, and all other parts and components are truly worth your money. Everything is well-integrated to offer users a very comfortable and enjoyable ride.


  • Precisely built with good product specs
  • Suitable for travel as well as racing
  • Good enough bike for beginners and experts


  • No deal-breaking flaw

Final Verdict: The overall value that this gravel bike offers for its asking price is totally unmatched. You would really have to put someone at gunpoint to say bad things about this bike.

2. Mongoose Artery Sport Gravel Road Bike

Mongoose Artery Sport Gravel Road Bike with Aluminum Frame and 700c Wheels, 15-Inch/Small Frame, White

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If you need a well-made gravel bike that doesn’t cost as much as a precious jewel, you should roll the dice on the Mongoose Artery Sport Gravel Bike. Even though it’s an affordable riding machine, the bike has competition-destroying features to it. Obviously, such claims cannot be made for a lackluster bike, which should tell you that this isn’t a mediocre gravel bike. Believe it or not, this bike usually comes up in reviews on what type of gravel bike is best on a budget. So, there’s not a lot of compromises involved because of the low spending. All the stock items on this bike have a respectable quality to them, which is in contrast to other affordable bikes out there. 

Keep in mind that this bike doesn’t bear an overly flashy appearance. At the same time, it appears attractive enough to draw a lot of attention.  Of course, all new bikes look good. But then, this gravel bike looks like new for a long time because of its solid construction and shiny paint job. Better still, the bike graphic appears to be done by someone who might have been doing this work for all his life. What’s also worth highlighting over here is that this gravel bike has much better review scores than your typical gravel bike, which should tell you that this bike won’t hurt a lot of feelings.

Product Highlights

The Mongoose Artery Sport Gravel Bike will feel right under your fingers and feet like no other equivalent gravel bike out there. Credit to the 21-speed drivetrain, the bike also races very well. You might actually have to resist your hulk rage quite often. Seriously, the pleasure of racing this bike is something else. Complaints, if any, about the riding performance of this bike are really silly, to say the least. After all, it’s not the product’s fault if you bang the bike around, or if you are not able to put together the bike on your own.

Keep in mind that the bike has a rugged aluminum frame to it. And, it’s not too hard to pedal, even if you have toothpick-like leg muscles. Jokes apart; the point here is that this bike can be nicely driven, even by those folks who are not in the best cycling shape of their lives. For those who are not aware, 700c wheels are used on this gravel bike, which really roll over most obstacles like a champion. Additionally, this bike is thin enough to fit in small apartment spaces.

Also, bear in mind that you won’t lose much sleep if the bike gets stolen, because of how affordable this bike is. Of course, this shouldn’t serve as an excuse for leaving the bike unlocked for the longest time in a crime infected area. The bike looks far more expensive than what you pay for it, which the thieves might not really know. Therefore, leaving the bike unlocked in the open for too long might not be worth the risk.


  • Very well-made for the price
  • Tires won’t get flat anytime soon


  • Assembly needs some work

Final Verdict: TheMongoose Artery Sport Gravel Bike will most likely meet the expectations of all the future bike shoppers out there. The chances are that you will legitimately fall in love with this gravel bike for what it is. 

3. Pure Cycles Adventure Gravel Disc Road Bike

Pure Cycles Adventure Gravel Disc Road Bike (16-Speed & 18-Speed)

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As the name suggests, the Pure Cycles Adventure Gravel Bike will let you enjoy gravel riding in its purest and simplest form like no other gravel bike in the market. Seriously, you will be surprised by the bike’s riding capabilities, especially at its price point. Yes, this bike is ready for all disciplines; roads as well as off-road trails. Even the saddle on this bike is wide and comfortable, which you don’t often see with inexpensive bikes. As most of you guys might already know, the makers of affordable bikes don’t really pay much attention to detail. Gladly enough, this isn’t the case with the Pure Cycles Gravel Bike.

The paint job on this bike is also splendid. It graces the bike with good looks, which, of course, sets it apart from other similar bikes out there. The assembly instructions are also good. Not to mention that the Internet is flooded with videos on how to assemble this bike. So, you won’t have to pay a bike professional to help. Basically, putting together this bike won’t prove to be a back-breaking affair. Once fully assembled and taken for a spin, you will realize why this Pure Cycles Bike is worth every dime spent on it. Yes, you will have to ride this beauty to fully believe how smoothly it operates.

Product Highlights

The Pure Cycles Adventure Gravel Bike has a steel frame and fork on it, which is fantastic, both from a structural and ride-quality standpoint. Moreover, the steel frame provides plenty of ground clearance to the included 700x38c tires. Keep in mind the included tires can run at lower pressures too, and still, offer a smooth riding experience. You can also swap the existing tires for wider tires of your choice. Basically, the bike allows room for modification.

Furthermore, the adjustable alloy drop bar offers a variety of riding positions. You can switch positions based on your personal preference. Above all, the bike comes with a lot of mounting options for hauling water bottles, bags, and other necessary riding gear. Not to discount the fact that the bike has a very relaxed geometry to it, which makes pedaling the bike a lot easier than usual.


  • Nice and soft saddle for comfortable long rides
  • Available in six sizes to suit most cyclists
  • Backed by manufacturer’s warranty


  • Pedal makes a clicking sound

Final Verdict: The Pure Cycles Adventure Gravel Bike is a dream gravel bike for those on a budget. It will definitely please you more than any other affordable bike that you may have bought in the past.

4. Mongoose Selous Sport Gravel Road Bike

Mongoose Selous Sport Gravel Road Bike with 700cm Wheel

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If you want a bike to provide a joyful ride on gravel roads because you are going to ride it, the Mongoose Selous Sport Gravel Bike can prove to be a great option. This gravel bike is so well-made that it will improve your views on affordable bikes. Yes, the cost of this gravel bike is not overwhelming. At the same time, the bike has star-studded features to please both new and intermediate gravel bike enthusiasts out there. You might have seen better gravel bikes before, but not at this price tag. Of course, this isn’t to say that the bike is perfect in all areas of use. But then, it comes tantalizing close, which you don’t often expect with budget-friendly bikes of this nature. 

If you don’t like any of the stock parts or components, you can easily swap it out for something of your liking as the bike allows room for modification. That said, customization/modification is not needed because there are no cheap or flimsy parts on this bike. From gravel riding, fitness riding, daily commuting, and more, you can accomplish a lot with this bike. It truly can be put to multipurpose use because of how smartly it’s built.  Bearing in mind the inexpensive price tag of the bike, past buyers are still trying to figure out why this bike is so cheap. According to many bike experts, Mongoose can easily get away by increasing the price of this gravel bike. 

Product Highlights

This is a true gravel bike by nature. It has a lightweight body, wider tires, a nice grip, and a powerful alloy fork, which results in better ride quality. Plus, it offers plenty of ground clearance for 40c tires to conquer the gravel roads. The 18-speed drivetrain offers unquestionable performance as well. Moreover, this bike comes with double-butted drop handlebar for better control. The whole package is too good for its price. 

As advertised, the Mongoose Selous Sport Gravel Bike rides smoothly. The bike’s presentation is good as well. It comes nicely wrapped in a huge box, which, is, obviously, expected due to the size of the item. That said, it’s not so heavy that you will feel pity for the delivery guy. If you have worked with bikes before, you will be able to put together this bike in less than 40-45 minutes.

Also, you shouldn’t be nervous ordering this gravel bike online because the company behind this bike has been in existence since 1974. They literally make all types of bikes with sits well with their goal of pushing the limits of a rider. For the past 40 plus years, the bike company has sold tens and hundreds of bikes to the masses. Much to the company’s delight, their bikes are well-received by the bike purchasers.


  • Can be used for daily road rides
  • Great deal for the asking price


  • Not suitable for performing bike stunts

Final Verdict: The Mongoose Selous Sport Gravel Bike is totally worth your bike money. In fact, it’s so good that you will plan on extending your bike rides, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

5. Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike

Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike with Disc Brakes, Extra Wide Tires, Perfect for Road Or Dirt Trail Touring, Matte Black

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The Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Bike is a good entry-level bike for light riding on gravel roads. The bike is sturdy but not overly heavy. At the same time, the bike looks and rides fantastic. In fact, the product images of this bike don’t do justice to this bike. This gravel bike looks much better in person. It’s also easy to ride, steer, and shift gears on this bike because of how smartly it’s built. If you compare it with models that average twice the price of this bike, you won’t find much difference in the product specs. Therefore, it’s worth getting this bike over other highly expensive bikes that are all style and no substance.

That said, this bike would require some maintenance after heavy use, which is of course, the case with most gravel bikes out there. If properly cared for, well-made bikes of this nature can last long. So, be prepared for periodic tuning of the brakes and other vital parts for the bike to function like new for a long time. Upon proper tuning, the bike will continue to run smoothly, even on inconsistent terrains. As a matter of fact, steep hills made entirely out of wet mud or pebbles won’t be able to defeat this bike, which should tell you that this bike is ready for all terrains. Of course, it’s not the lightest bike around, but it doesn’t weigh a lot. Without the pedals, it weighs around 26 lbs, which isn’t a lot for a sturdy gravel bike.

Product Highlights

The height and other dimensions of the bike are also spot on. Keep in mind that the wheels on this bike have more spokes, and they are wider than usual. As a result, they perform better on gravel roads. Not to mention that the disc brakes have solid stopping power, and the bike offers enough gear choices to help you make it to the top of a hill without the usual struggle involved in a steep climb. The Claris shifters are highly responsive and clean as well.

Unlike the competition, the seat of this good-looking bike is fine both for short and long rides. Usually, inexpensive bikes come with seats that can be thrown right into the bin, because of their inferior quality. However, this isn’t the case with this gravel bike. Even the handlebar is made out of premium materials. It offers a great grip during long rides. Seriously speaking, there are hardly any weak parts to this bike. 

Keep in mind that this gravel bike comes partially assembled on purpose to avoid damage during transit. The good news is that there are proper instructions in place to walk you through the bike composition process. So, it won’t take a considerable amount of time to put together this bike. If you know about bikes, you may also be aware of the fact that Tommaso is a great name in the biking world.


  • Easy to get in/get out
  • Paint won’t chip off soon


  • No kickstand included

Final Verdict: For a first gravel bike, you can’t go wrong with the Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Bike. It will surely meet your gravel riding needs beautifully on any given day of the week.

6. RALEIGH Bikes Route Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Bikes Route 1 Hybrid Bike with 700C Wheels, 18', Blue, 18'/Medium

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If you can’t park your thoughts of getting a well-paid gravel bike without dropping a lot of money, the RALEIGH Bikes Route Hybrid Bike can prove to be a great option. The bike is affordable, and honestly, not crap. The price of this bike is not cheap because of poor manufacturing quality. It’s the heart and passion to supply high-quality bikes at an inexpensive price that has enabled the makers to provide well-made bikes at a budget. Therefore, there’s no need to look for a more ‘pricier’ and ‘better’ bike. This bike also requires less maintenance than other comparable gravel bikes out there.

Given the fact that it’s a hybrid bike, it has a slight advantage over a dedicated gravel bike. Yes, this bike rides well on roads as well as hills. You might have to take it to a bike shop to assemble it, first, because the bike comes semi-assembled. The good news is that it’s not a nightmare to assemble. So, taking it to a professional is not a necessary evil. If you are confident that you can follow the instructions written on the product manual, you can build the bike on your own without any struggle. Also, this bike doesn’t need a lot of adjustments out of the box.

Product Highlights

This hybrid bike comes with an aluminum frame, and it has Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes to it. Keep in mind that the bike’s frame carries a lifetime warranty, which should give you a fair idea about the construction quality of the frame. Also, this RALEIGH bike comes with pedals included in the deal. Therefore, you won’t have to shave off more money for bike parts, which usually shoots up the cost of the bike.

Also, the RALEIGH Bikes Route Hybrid Bike is attractive to look at. Seriously, your eyes will stay glued to the bike as if there was some magnetic force behind it. Not to discount the fact that you will receive a lot of compliments on it. Also, the height of this bike is tall enough to suit most riders. It’s easy to get in and out of the bike because of how well you can handle the bike because of its light weight and overall product ergonomics.

Furthermore, the bike rides fast too. The gear shift is as seamless as it can get for a bike of this nature. Of course, you need to be cautious of the high speed, because it might make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do. That said, it wouldn’t be the bike’s fault if you perform failed stunts. As it is, this bike is for riding and not for performing crazy stunts.


  • Almost no adjustment needed out of the box
  • Bigger than usual seat for no butt pain
  • 21-speeds to conquer the steep hills


  • Seat part is a bit tricky to install

Final Verdict: There’s a reason why theRALEIGH Bikes Route Hybrid Bike has a cult following. In the cycling world, it hardly has any competition in its price range, which should tell you that you won’t regret getting this bike.

7. Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike

Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike, 700c Medium

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The Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike is a pleasure to ride on gravel roads. The bike has a great road feel to it, and it looks very sporty too. That said, the bike is a bit on the heavier side due to its solid construction. Yes, this thing has a steel frame and fork to it. From the quality standpoint, it can’t get any better than this because the steel construction makes this bike extremely durable. And, it’s easily repairable as well. A steel frame is also good when you are spending a lot of time in the saddle because of how well it can handle bumpy terrains.

The bike allows room for customization too. You can add a water bottle holder, bell, and other cycling gear of your choice. Of course, too much gear addition would increase the weight of the bike, which is not necessarily a good thing because we would prefer the bike to be as light as possible for easy handling. Other than this, the bike is easy to assemble as well. The instruction manual shows you how to build the bike from scratch. So, you won’t have to use your own brains or imaginations.

Product Highlights

This bike comes with Shimano Claris STI Shifters and mechanical disc brakes. The disc brakes on this machine lock the wheel at a moment’ s notice without too much effort from the rider’s part.  Also, the wheels on this bike are geared towards gravel riding, which means that they can handle off-road conditions very well.  Moreover, this bike can handle road abuse like a boss. As a result, you won’t feel the need to tighten things up after every ride.

Keep in mind that this gravel bike has received loads of positive reviews across many web platforms that talk about gravel bikes. Loads of bikers have stated that they are extremely pleased with the bike’s performance. This bike may not have the looks and performance of a high-end bike, but it’s pretty awesome for its price point. It’s fast, comfortable, highly-responsive, and stable, all at the same time, which is pretty good by any standard.


  • Very less assembly is needed
  • Comes with good quality brakes
  • Perfectly geared for gravel riding


  • Bike is on the heavier side

Final Verdict: The Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike offers excellent value for your gravel bike’s money. It seems that the makers have built it with great pride to make your ride as much enjoyable as possible. Therefore, it’s totally worth getting this bike.


These gravel bikes are unlike anything that you will find hanging on the walls of a retail bike shop. You will definitely get more than your money’s worth from these gravel bike.

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