Best Mountain Bikes under 1500

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Among a jostling group of tempting choices, see what impresses and what you cannot ignore.

Mountain biking is a serious hobby. It has the potential to turn into a high-involvement, deeply meditative one that yields a lot in return.

It explains why bike makers fall over one another to design bikes that give you performance and thrill in an indubitable package.

This list of best mountain bikes under 1500 gives you plenty to mull over. After you read about these bikes, you will see that each one has unique characteristics and distinguishing features that speak to you.

Getting your money’s worth is on any buyer’s priority – the trick to pay exactly for what you value and not get diverted by the bells and whistles of a mere “fancy bike”.

Through these listings, we help you get a big-picture glimpse into each variant of mountain bikes. Look for the one that captures your imagination and go for it.

Comparison Chart

SAVADECK Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike, DECK2.0 MTB 26″/27.5″/29″ Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle 27 Speed with M2000 Group Set
41+GXG+lidL. SL500
Raleigh Bikes Tokul 24 Kids Mountain Bike for Boys & girls Youth 8-12 Years Old
41iok24EDqL. SL500
Diamondback Lux 2 Hardtail Mountain Bike
51uBmMxf YL. SL500
Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels , Blue/grey
51vBToBoN3L. SL500
Mongoose Switchback Trail Adult Mountain Bike, 21 Speeds, 27.5-Inch Wheels, Mens Aluminum Small Frame, Neon Green
Royce Union RHT Lightweight Aluminum Mountain Bike (Wine)

6 Best Mountain Bikes under 1500 & Reviews

1. Savadeck Deck 2.0 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

41J98eKOO9L. SL500

Having a number of gearing options is a luxury not every other listing on this article offers. Sure, 11 speeds are plenty, but a more versatile drivetrain can give you more options within the same price range. For those who look for variety and abundance of choice, Savadeck’s Deck 2.0 gives a choice of a 27-speed drivetrain from the same reliable M2000 Deore 3×9 S Derailleur System.

Shimano derailleurs at the front and back mean double the fun! You have responsive shifters also made by Shimano Altus. It helps you transition from a beginner to an advanced rider. Accordingly placed are disc brakes that work to counter the nimble movement of the CST tires. According to the tire size, the thickness of the tire varies, with only the 29-inch variant having a thickness of 2.1 inches while the other two variants have a 1.95-inch tire thickness.

What’s more, the lightness of a carbon frame welcomes you to the fray with tire size choices of 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch variants. A suspension fork with a travel of 100 mm cushions the bumps and troughs you are likely to meet on the mountain track. Savadeck’s Deck 2.0 also handles the drops and stepped paths well.

Savadeck ensures that all the bikes come out with as complete an assembly of the derailleurs and brakes as possible. Still, for your convenience and in case you need to tune it further, assembly tools are included in the box in which the Deck 2.0 ships. You only need to tighten the handlebars and pedals and inflate the tires as you set off on this carbon-frame bike.

Something to keep in mind while shopping for bikes: Not everyone may like, or even need, the number of gearing options this model offers.


  • Intuitively-used tensile materials
  • Suitable for advanced riders
  • No bending, no damage under heavy-duty use


  • Can be too light for some

Verdict: A combination body of carbon frame and aluminum alloy parts make up the bike into a light, able-bodied one. Every ounce of weight this bike brings justifies its presence and translated into performance. Savadeck 2.0 comes under the ultra-light category of bikes which can be a little too feathery for some.

2. Raleigh Tokul 24 Mountain Bike

41+GXG+lidL. SL500

The entire silhouette and frame geometry are consistent with a minimalist attitude. The low-slung crossbar crisscrossing the seat post at an angle gives a convenient stand-over height. Raleigh prioritizes convenience which is why this makes for a good beginner’s mountain bike.

The butted aluminum custom-made for Raleigh Tokul 24 keeps the machine down to an enviable weight of 26.8 pounds. Helping along the smooth experience of this bike is the hydraulic disc brake system made by Tektro. They have Tektro “two-finger” brake levers that are again super light and crisp and yielding in their action. They snap on quickly with no squeaky noises or wear and tear even after prolonged use and miles of riding.

The 7-speed drivetrain leaves the choice of a wide range of gears for the various terrains but keeps the operation simple and seamless. Alloy pedals are also in the box.

Wider tires are more stable. They grip the track better and give you greater confidence. In addition to the greater surface area of the 2.8-inch width, the Tokul 3’s Kenda’s standard measure of the 24-inch tire also makes for excellent control even at racing speeds and while turning sharp corners on loose, muddy trails. The Vee Rubber Crown Gem tires have within them Weismann wheel rims that are tubeless-ready.


  • Suntour front suspension with 120 mm travel
  • Highly-effective Tektro hydraulic disc brakes


  • No bottle clip

Verdict: If ever you worried that a mountain bike can be “too light”, this is that one. Although it stays solid and in contact with the riding surface at all times due to its wide tires, some might consider this one too light. Great companion for killing the trails and riding over root-laden paths.

3. Diamondback Lux 2 Hardtail Mountain Bike

41iok24EDqL. SL500

Your eyes fly to the ribbed tires that appear to be as gnarly as the edge of a chainsaw. Diamondback makes the Sync’r stand out with a unique color scheme of the tan-colored body and the matte-black tires complementing the handlebars and seat post.

The frame is low-slung making the bike easy to mount and dismount for both male and female bikers. The geometry composed of long tubes and reach and an off-setting seat angle promotes aerodynamic-friendly posture.

The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy with a front fork made by RockShox. 140 mm of travel on this suspension fork turns the front wheel into a dreamy cloud upon which you can conquer many a tricky path. Playing their part to support the suspension are the AL35 wheelset and tires from Diamondback. They hold their own at a width of 2.1 inches letting the rider roll along seamlessly. There is no front derailleur to bother with. The rear derailleur is a Shimano 11-speed with a set of crisp, diligent SLX shifters.

The 1 x 11 drivetrain is an asset – it keeps the shifting simple while offering plenty of options. Shimano MT500 brakes are another – one of the best sets of hydraulic disk brakes in the business as they work with reliability and accuracy in all weather and road conditions.


  • Wide tires make for effortless rides
  • Travel fork of 140mm is smooth
  • Bigger, better parts make short work of tough trails


  • No dropper post – the seat is too high for some

Verdict: It sports superior components at a reasonable price. The cushy travel and Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes make it the bike from which you cannot tear yourself away. Oh, and it’s tubeless ready.

4. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

51uBmMxf YL. SL500

Biking lovers and rookies alike take in the cheeky look and the ring of the name of Schwinn Bikes. Once you’re on it, you’ll see how this hardtail is a much-loved variant among Schwinn’s stunning choices.

The frame made of aluminum is light but has great tensile strength. An Overdrive carbon frame variant is also available. In this review, we explore the aluminum frame variant. RockShox brings with its Reba RL fork a travel of 100 mm. It allows you to flip the lock-out option on or off on the go.

Despite the suspension fork and disc brakes in place, Schwinn manages to keep the weight of the bike down to less than 30 pounds. The missing front derailleur keeps the shifters to a no-nonsense 24-speed. This point contributes to the light weight of the fully-assembled bike. 29-inch wheels make this bike perfect for cross-country riding and offer excellent pedaling efficiency. Once you get into the desired speed, it’s easy to keep it up.

Out of the box, this is a good bike on which to get on the trail immediately as the factory adjustments for the derailleur and brakes are in perfect tune. You can easily do the final tune-up.

Schwinn’s own Blanchard 25 wheelset is tubeless-ready. You can do an economical upgrade because this feature allows you to have lower tire pressure and keeps you safe from flat tires for the most part.


  • RockShox suspension allows lockout as you pedal
  • A single chainring keeps shifting simple
  • Increased spacing between axles gives greater stability


  • Advanced riders might look for a more complex drivetrain
  • Needs a wider seat

Verdict: For a user buying this one instead of a full-suspension bike, it’s an absolute surprise and a pleasant one at that. You should pick this bike for its SRAM drivetrain and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. The lifetime frame warranty is valid as long as you don’t re-sell.

5. Mongoose Switchback Trail Adult Mountain Bike

51vBToBoN3L. SL500

The thick tires of fat tires wouldn’t have escaped your notice as you do your research on mountain bikes. You would’ve wondered if they’re for inclined riding. Now’s your chance to see if Mongoose Switchback is one of those.

Fat tire bikes are for terrain that’s challenging – prone to skidding, covered in loose snow or sleet. Mongoose is one of the best-looking bikes with tires that look almost ‘fat’ if not quite as fat as other ‘fat bikes’. It is decently priced and delivers on every performance metric against which a mountain bike is appraised.

The tires in the pack are 27.5 inches in diameter. But the frame allows you to swap them out for 29-inch ones or 650B or 650B+.

To begin with, the stark red of the frame and the unmissable black cloud on the ‘fat’ tires create a jazzy effect that everyone wants. The frame comes in three sizes ranging from ‘Small’ to ‘Large’ covering heights from 5”4’ to 6”5” among aspiring riders. This wide range is created with an intent to offer ‘the most bike per dollar’ – a clear value-for-money point for which Tommaso is known.

The crankset and brakes are made by Shimano. The drivetrain is very simple with a 10-speed core. This drivetrain fits into an 11-42T cassette which gives you a wide range of options. Doing away with the front derailleur and cranking up the stiffness and efficiency of the rear derailleur opens up options for the rider. Still, it doesn’t curtail the strength of the shifters. It also bypasses the concern of a chain slipping off the crank.


  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes work hard
  • Perfect for customization of tires


  • Expert assembly is preferred

Verdict: The perfect moderately-priced, highly-customizable value-pack of a bike for the curious beginner who wants to stay trendy and in the know. Its ‘fat’ look is especially appealing to those looking to conquer trails and more with a choice of compatible tires.

6. Royce Union Men’s Mountain Bike


A men’s mountain bike that looks feisty and delivers on all kinds of terrains – the RMA is a mix of fun and performance. It is appropriately called an All-Terrain-Mountain bike by Royce Union. For starters, the frame is an engineered carbon frame that is light in bearing but oriented towards high performance in every aspect. It is easy to maintain and rust-free – you can count on its consistent performance season upon season, snow or sun.

First off: Fit. Royce Union has made this model in three size variants – two 29-inch models in which there’s a frame size of 17.5-inch or 19-inch to choose from or the one with the tire size of 27.5 inches which comes in a frame size of 16.5 inches.

Kenda tires are treaded and easy to accelerate on. The WTB alloy rims let you get handsy when its time for tuning. Quick-release hubs make it easy to change the tires.

Royce Union’s RMA brings to the table a unique 22-speed drivetrain that shifts with minimal effort. It is possible courtesy a 3-piece crankset made of Neco alloy. You discover pedaling efficiency when you want it but also have the option of using it like a fitness bike where your legs do all the work. Steam downhill or plod uphill for the sheer fun of enjoying the wide range that this machine offers. Trustworthy stopping is possible through the hydraulic disc brakes – no matter whether the road is wet or you’re off the road on a moist bit of land.


  • Light carbon frame makes bike about 35 pounds
  • Unique Shimano Deore drivetrain has smooth shifting capabilities


  • The seat could be wider

Verdict: A sure-shot pleaser for every rider whether he starts with mountain-biking on this one or wishes to progress to a different level of expertise. It is well-suited for speedy downhill drives. Rutted or stony paths become easy to conquer on this bike with its rider-friendly front suspension fork.

Considerations for a Mountain Bike

Suspension forks are the first thing you think of when you picture a mountain bike. You can almost see in your mind’s eye a bike that rolls over rocks as fluently as a stream of water while the rider stares unperturbed into the distance.

Yes, the suspension is crucial.

Do you need suspension on both axles or one? Bikes that have suspension forks only in the front are called hardtails. Soft tails have rear shocks as well. Undoubtedly, soft tails make the ride smoother. But they are also more expensive.

And when it comes to judging the front fork, everything from the material to the ‘travel’ counts. It is logical to assume that a longer travel fork allows a cushier ride – simply because it has a greater rope to cushion the blow from a loose rock or a drop in the track. You would think a 140 mm travel fork is better than a 100 mm travel fork.

But the equation is not as straight. The travel fork changes the geometry of the bike momentarily – and dramatically. This can cause the bike to feel completely different, even for a second. The handlebars can pop out of the rider’s hands. This is less than ideal.

To compensate this eventuality, bike makers tend to make the frame progressive or longer. This means longer reach-length or height of the seat post and stem height.

The fork’s travel need not be longer and longer for you to be more comfortable. 100 mm is good for most bumps and depressions.

As far as wheel sizes go, you need bigger wheels only if you need to cover more distance at a greater speed. This is why more cross-country bikes have bigger wheels. For shorter trails, a 27.5-inch wheel or an even smaller one will do. The lower wheel size will let you have more control and take on more challenging trails.

Final Verdict

At this special sweet spot where a myriad of features meets a reasonable budget bracket, there is stiff competition.

Our recommendation for the enthusiastic rider who takes up mountain biking for the long haul is the Savadeck Deck 2.0. It has a unique combination of light materials going in to make the bike light and responsive to a feather-light touch of the controls. It offers plenty of gears and speeding options. The brake clip on and stop short at a moment’s notice and this is what you want in a core MTB that proves to be an asset on all kinds of terrain and weather conditions.

But we do urge enthusiastic beginners, especially those who seek variety, to look beyond the gamut of gearing and material considerations. The Mongoose Switchback fulfills your heart’s desire to own a fat bike and still delivers the punchy performance that’s required of a mountain bike.

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