Best Mountain Bikes under 200

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Foray into the hills on challenging terrain. Nothing but the blood in muscles and the air in your mountain bike’s tough tires powers you as you conquer the irregular path.

It’s great satisfaction in itself to feel the rawness of the path that city-bikers rarely get to see. And the sounds, breezes, and scenes beat everything else. Set up an impromptu campsite or trek for a little while to drink in the bounties offered by Nature to mountain bikers.

With 6 Best mountain bikes under 200 available online, self-powered biking in scenic locales is yours. Such simple pleasures offer rich meditative rewards. Nor do you need to invest a whole lot into the bike that takes you to these hidden thickets.

Comparison Chart

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Dynacraft 26″ Men’s Silver Canyon Dual Suspension Mountain Bike
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26″ Hyper Havoc Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike, WMA-102605, Black
26 Inch Huffy Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike Dual Suspension Frame and Suspension Fork, Black
ROADMASTER R4047WMJ 26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Bike, Black
41M6g8gPQPL. SL500
Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike Mens 26 Inch Wheels with 18 Speed Grip Shiteres and Dual Hand Brakes In Black
51L8py+6zQL. SL500
Pacific Sport Mountain Bike, Orange

6 Best mountain bikes under 200

1. Dynacraft 26″ Men’s Silver Canyon Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

51cFYkscNJL. SL500

You might find other reviews of this daringly-named mountain bike from the stables of Dynacraft that say it’s a men’s bike. Well, yes, it is a men’s bike. But it can carry a load of up to 275 pounds and accommodates riders in the height range of 5”3’ to 6”2’. The sturdy frame and easy reach make it a good bet for women riders as well. Making adjustments on this ride is a breeze – which is why you wouldn’t mind tweaking it between male and female riders. The steel frame keeps your bike going for many miles.

The Silver Canyon should be your pick if you love working on the bike with your own hands and tools. It is almost fully-assembled – you only have to snap on the seat, handlebars, pedals, and the front wheel. Add the reflectors and you’re good to go. Even these are fairly simple jobs. The seat post comes with springs and quick-release clips.

It’s pretty neat that you can snare a full-suspension at this price point. And yes, it’s one that works admirably is cushioning bumps and giving you a smooth ride. The 21-speed Shimano derailleur is smooth and straightforward to use. Most machines work without further adjustment after delivery.

A point that one might miss is that while this bike is good for mountain rides, on the plane road, it feels rather stodgy. Real users who have used it on both planes prefer this machine for the trails. It’s a hardy product that can stand several miles of riding every day, day in and day out.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Sturdy construction


  • The seat has very thin cushioning
  • No water bottle clip

Verdict: Everything from the black body and red accents to the smooth shifting and nimble movement on inclined paths sets Vertical Equator apart from the rest. What’s more, it comes at a price that sits easily with beginners and hobby cyclists.

2. Hyper Havoc FS Men’s Mountain Bike

41Icw4eOJPL. SL500

A jazzy name for a super-jazzy bike. The base-level pricing and the looks of the bike are appealing even from afar. It only comes in black. Up close, you will see that a standard aluminum frame with flat handlebars and lever brakes are in place. The brakes are something of a compromise but they help to keep the cost of the machine down. This contributes to the simple wiring and the light weight of the assembled piece. It also makes the frame highly-durable, taking long hours of riding on terrain and keeping the vibrations to a minimum. A standard 26-inch tire lets you ride with abandon.

A full-suspension apparatus takes care of low-key bumpy roads and rutted trail paths. Despite this, the bike is not overly heavy at about 37 pounds. The box set comes up to 40 pounds. This ought to tell you that the suspension is not too effective.

The tires have a thickness of 1.95 – but the manufacturer leaves room for an upgrade. Shifters for the 21-speed derailleur are within the handle-grips. Shifting is smooth and pedaling efficiency is decent. The pedals hook up to a 3-piece crankset from Shimano. You reap exactly what you sow. The entry-level componentry will upgrade for better parts from the same Shimano stable. But you’ll spend a whole lot more.

Think of this as a starter bike for tall boys and men. The seat post and sleek but plush MTB saddle are adequate for some riders of Hyper Havoc. Those who need a wider saddle need to swap it up.


  • Pricing is an absolute winner
  • Effective grip-shifters


  • Gearing needs tuning to prevent slips
  • Hard, narrow seat

Verdict: It is a sturdy bike with sound shifting on light trails and cobbled lanes. FS bikes available at this price point are rare and one that boasts of Shimano parts and proven rider experience is quite a find. That said, tuning and adjusting will take its time.

3. Huffy Women’s Trail Runner Mountain Bike

41V LgAVL+L. SL500

A mountain bike that’s also comfortable to ride? Yes, Dual Suspension forks bring you the exact smooth ride that seat you at ease.

Huffy Trail Runner’s slightly outré curve on the dropped cross-bar is a unique feature that sets off its looks. The handlebar is likewise unique with the slight depression in the center while the handle grips curve slightly above for an easy fit into women’s shorter reaches. It’s made of steel and combines strength and durability with sleek and stylish good looks effortlessly.

It is available in a black with minty blue accents or black with pink accents. The frame is a standard height and thick mountain tires measuring 26 inches x 1.95 look rugged. It’s quite evident they do the hard work on the riding surface. Further comfort in the ride comes of having two suspension forks that soak up the bumps and depressions of a mountain track. True to Huffy’s USP of offering excellent bang for the customer’s buck, this entry-level woman’s bike is arresting in its looks. It boasts of features that many bikes that are far more expensive possess.

The Shimano derailleur and 18-speed shifters coordinate well to offer performance and comfort. Slam on linear pull brakes –the low braking-distance of this machine that weighs nearly 44 pounds will surprise you. Resin pedals are included and having them is a welcome gift to the sneaker sole as the surfaces hold together well to give a sure footing.


  • Excellent value for the price paid
  • Sturdy construction
  • The all-terrain seat is comfortable


  • Assembly takes time – expert assembly recommended

Verdict: The 3-piece crankset and crank arm are another advantage that offers the rider plenty of options to choose their gearing. They can also adjust the clearance between the chainstay and the crank arm to suit their height.

4. Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Bike

Roadmaster Granite Peak is the perfect fit for the young woman and the mature one. The low-down cross-bar makes mounting easy. It suits women in the height range of 5”2’ to 5”10. The convenient 26” frame made of steel is both light and stately. For minor adjustments to enhance your comfort, just jiggle the no-tools-needed adjustable seat post.

The invariable suspension fork that makes this woman’s bike suited to the trails is in the front. The bike is an 18-speed. It comes with shifters in the handle-grips – no juggling between control while you balance the bike. Use this machine to pedal leisurely on the hillside. Or race downhill and take control of your speed with the linear pull brakes that listen to your every command. That said, tuning the brakes takes some effort, especially for a newbie. This is where the professionals at the bike shop can make a difference. Of course, the expertise comes at a fee.

A no-nonsense 3-piece crankset and alloy wheels further add to the lightness of this bike. Real users have remarked on how light the bike is. It can carry a rider of up to 300 pounds with ease. Since the bike is so modestly-priced and quite durable, the extra cost of expert assembly is quite a reasonable one to spring for.


Tune-up and assembly instructions included in the box

Truly durable with timely tune-ups


Seat is hard; demands an extra seat cover

Brake adjustment is kind of tricky

Verdict: This bike is proof that a lasting bike or one that teaches you a lot about bicycles can be quite a simple, inexpensive model. A couple of the accessories screw on backward – nothing you can’t get used to.

5. Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike

41M6g8gPQPL. SL500

There’s magic in the words “hardtail bike” to a lover of mountain trails. To all those looking to take actual steps in the hobby, or even to check if it’s right for them, this 18-speed bike gives plenty to think about.

As the name proclaims, it’s Dynacraft’s second offering that makes it to our listings because it suits both road and trail biking. The assembled bike comes up to about 35 pounds – this light weight makes it suitable for speedy riding on roads and paved streets. The mountain functionality comes in from the rugged, hardy tires which are thick enough to withstand rough terrains.

Giving the ride its power are the 18-speed derailleur from Shimano and the grip shifters – also from the same ace bike component maker. That said, you will see that these are the entry-level sellers in Shimano’s stadium. V-brakes, front suspension fork, alloy rims, and a kickstand are included in your package. You can see at once where Dynacraft has pulled back to make the piece affordable but functional.

If you’re on board with a bike that’s designed to suit teenage boys and young men, this is a great bike given the price at which you can own it. The grip shifters and padded seat post are a nice touch. The grippy handles and shifters within these grips are smooth and meet the standards. However, screwing them into place calls for some effort.


  • Low-priced mountain bike with suspension


  • Prone to scratches and rusting
  • Brake tuning is hard

Verdict: Some models see a wobble in the front tire. Assembling this bike is a hit or miss – you need to scout for the right tools because they’re not included in the box set. If you’re quite handy with the wrenches, you can give this bike a try mainly for the value for money it offers and the lifetime warranty on the frame and fork.

6. Pacific Sport Mountain Bike

51L8py+6zQL. SL500

Looking for comfort in a mountain bike, it doesn’t mean you don’t “get” mountain biking. Manufacturers recognize the need for riders to feel supple and in control even on hardy mountain terrains. Notable ones such as Pacific introduce these factors into their frame design and bike geometry, showing that they are true user-centric bike makers.

The Sport doesn’t come with suspension forks. But it makes up for smoothness of ride and rider comfort in other ways. This way, it suits riders who want to lead the bike off the road into more challenging terrains.

The frame size of 16 inches made of steel and tire size of 24 inches put the Sport on par with the other mountain bikes. These are standard offerings at this price point in terms of design specs. To allow easy shipping, the bike comes at partial assembly when you purchase it online. You have minor jobs like screwing on the pedals, front wheel, seat post, and handlebars to get it ready for the ride.

Get it finished at a bike shop or pay upfront for assembly at the online checkout itself.  It has a single-piece crankset and calls for some strenuous pedaling of you. For this reason, and the fact that several non-standard parts are used, Pacific Sport ranks low on the totem pole.


  • Low mounting height makes it convenient
  • Steel caliper brakes stop well


  • Pedaling has to be vigorous
  • Seat and handlebars need constant adjustments

Verdict: The bike serves the rider with a lot of gearing options within the single-piece crankset. Shifters at the thumb-press are smooth but pedaling still needs to be strenuous. An adjustment from a professional bike shop can help. Go for this bike if you like to keep your heart rate up.

Considerations for a Mountain Bike

Take it from people who’ve ridden – mountain biking is a great hobby to get hooked on. And the list of 6 best mountain bikes under 200 has got you thinking. You don’t need to spend too much to get a decent bike.

When you come down to choosing the right mountain bike for you, consider the following points:

Are you more a hill-climber or a downhill-cruiser? You have to be sure of these differences because you will rock back or stoop forward according to the needs of the terrain. Accordingly, you need a bike that complements this alignment and one that also has a suitable frame geometry for such riding.

For uphill climbs: Do not hold the handlebars in a death-grip. And definitely don’t pull on them. You might just lift the front wheel off the track. Do not lean forward so much so that your face is well past the stem. This causes your weight to shift forward too much and causes you to go off balance.

For downhill rolls: The same rule of not leaning forward too much applies here as well. Let your arms and legs loose. Keep them bent so you don’t hurt your back. Don’t lock them.

To get the most out of your ride, know exactly what to look for.

Brakes: You need brakes that clamp on as soon as you engage them and stop the movement instantly.

Frame material: You need a light bicycle frame. The light weight on the frame can stop easily and remain in control when hand-brakes are used. This is especially important so that you can keep control when gravity works against you. Most mountain bikes in the affordable range are made of aluminum. Some of the more sophisticated versions are also made of steel.

Handlebars: Mountain bikes, as a rule, have wide, low handlebars over which you stoop forward. The important thing is to stay relaxed instead of keeping your body taut. A taut, inflexible hold over your limbs can give you aches later on.

Gearing: When you climb up or travel through different types of terrain, you look for better gears and pedaling efficiency. It is not necessarily the same thing as having a large number of gears.

Keep in mind your fitness levels and the distance you plan to cover. Also think of whether you have more plane roads or inclines, and if the inclines are steep.

A 3-piece crankset with an ideal clearance on the crank arm from the chainstay is essential whether you fancy climbing or rolling down inclines.

And also spare a thought as to what you’d enjoy more. If comfort is your priority, you don’t quite mind if the bike is a little heavier than others. Keep in mind that suspension equipment tends to make the bike heavy.

Final verdict

Huffy is well-known for the range of economical choices among mountain bikes. Another well-respected bike maker is Dynacraft.

It’s no surprise that our top pick in this economy range is the Silver Canyon which works well for both men and women. The Full-Suspension aids the frame to stay solid and the vibrations do not get conveyed to the rider. The rims are strong and durable, giving the bike its strength. The quick-release seat post and three-piece crankset make it a reliable companion that offers plenty of pedaling and gearing choices on tough terrain.

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