Best Mountain Bikes under 2500

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Comb through the frame, track, and fork considerations to pick a trail ride that fits your needs and more.

Mountain biking is a dose of adrenaline, your Nature fix, and a heart-pumping exercise, all rolled into one magic potion you can sip in whenever you feel like it. Workdays, holidays, relaxed time or gym time – fit mountain biking into any part of your schedule with a reasonably-priced, intuitively-designed machine for your ride.

For all these benefits, it isn’t a hobby where you are strong-armed into bottomless spending. You have bikes available at many price ranges, and this particular bracket is a reasonable one.

The list of best mountain bikes under 2500 offers an engaging mix of good looks, performance, and sophistication of componentry that you miss in lower-end models. At the same time, you’re not spending so much as to stage a direct budget war with a motorbike.

Chin up and scan the trail ahead, your opportunities are endless.

Comparison Chart

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Diamondback Lux 27 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike
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Addmotor 26″ Couple Electric Bike M-560, 750W MTB Mountain Ebike, All Terrain Beach Snow Commuter Electric Bicycle for Adults, 55 Miles PAS1 Pedal Assist LCD Display (Black)
41uNjJsMOZS. SL500
VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults 750W BAFANG Motor 48V 15Ah Removable Larger Battery 26” Fat Tire Ebike 28MPH Snow Beach Mountain E-Bike Shimano 7-Speed UL Certified Black/Gray

Best Mountain Bikes under 2500 before you dash off:

1. Diamondback Lux 27 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike

41PLtecbuwL. SL500

Diamondback is a famous name in the world of biking. These specialists of BMX bicycling turned their attention to making light, affordable, and feature-heavy mountain bikes to suit all kinds of bikers’ sensibilities and needs.

The ‘Lux’ is a whole series that ends with some carbon frame models. On the other end, toughened aluminum makes the Lux 1 tensile if not uber-light. The first thing you notice about the bike is the weight. Despite a front suspension with a travel of 130 mm from SR Suntour and a rear shock from RockShox with Rebound adjust, it weighs only about 30 pounds.

The frame is a stylized through-axle one with a single-chainring drivetrain of 1 x 10 from Shimano Deore at the core of it. The FSA Comet cranks are light in weight and tough in the face of wear and tear. Riders report smooth shifting and the hydraulic disc brakes from TRP Slate X2 carry out the stopping function with crisp efficiency and low braking distance.

Mounted on 27.5-inch wheels, it comes with tires of 2.35-inch width. The wheel measurement makes it ideal for speeding up and maintaining high speeds downhill. The rims within are Blanchard 28R made by Diamondback. They support riders who are all ready to make the transition to tubeless functionality. Enjoy riding with lower tire pressure find the convenience of fewer flat tires and maintenance by doing this low-cost upgrade.


  • Ultra-smooth suspension and rear shock
  • Top-quality componentry used
  • Tool kit, eyelets, mudguards, protectors present


  • Some might choose to upgrade the wheelset after a while

Verdict: Everything that you’d expect at this price point is included – adjustable seat post, ergonomic handle-grips, alloy pedals – you name it, it’s got it. A 780 mm wide handlebar gets things moving. But where simplicity is your need, DB Release has that too.

2. Addmotor Motan Mountain Fat Tire E Bike

41dpIPdRdhL. SL500

An electric motor fitted onto your mountain bike can be an added benefit when you are in the mood for some additional push. And we’re not talking about a half-hearted motor gunning to supply you with the basic speed. It’s a proper, chargeable Lithium-ion battery that can power ahead the entire weight of the bicycle and the rider’s up the steepest climbs.

Addmotor Motan is a set-up with a removable 48 Volt battery. The apparatus can carry an adult of weight up to 300 pounds. It supports riders of heights 5”10’ to 6”6’. Riders acknowledge it widely as a sophisticated appendage since it can lug ahead cargo and a rider over a mountain bike indigenous to the slopes. It can accelerate up to a speed of 23 miles per hour and is good for 45-55 miles after one full cycle of charging. Despite the indubitable powers of this motor, it is not one of those sputtering ones which drown out the stillness of the mountain, your music, or the traffic around you. A quiet motor runs noiselessly producing 750 Watts – the brushless model ensures that it doesn’t hum and snort unlike the motors of less evolved yesteryear motorbikes.

Riders also have the option to pedal in Level-1 Assist. The bike works well in both assist mode, e-bike mode, or pure pedaling mode. You can charge using the USB charging cable provided. This makes it a completely sustainable model if you are in the mood to go green with your purchase.

This is a perfect mountain bike that also offers oodles of traction because of its fat bike capabilities. Thanks to the 26-inch tire from Kenda with 4-inch thickness, the grip on sand, snow, marshy earth or clayey soil is just right. Tektro mechanical alloy disc brakes ensure that the 7-speeder doesn’t run away with you. There is a 5-inch display in which you can check at a glance the speed you’re firing away at and quickly rein it in.


  • Wide, fat bike tires for extra grip
  • Rear cargo rack for smart commutes


  • Customer service is not so great

Verdict: It is an above-par e-bike with plenty of capabilities – pedaling assist, e-bike, or just self-powered smooth sailing. The luxury of options is yours to enjoy. And it really does deliver an average of 22-23 mph even on steep uphill climbs.

3. VELOWAVE Electric Bike

41uNjJsMOZS. SL500

This is a mountain bike that will make you think things over if you ever thought mountain bikes cannot look good and stylish. The tapered head tube kicks things off. The elongated geometry promotes riding in a straight line. The alloy frame retains strength while keeping the weight of the machine down. It weighs about 34.5 pounds despite the presence of both front suspension and rear shock.

The tube and frame are reminiscent of minimalist design – at one glance it might even seem over-simplistic, what with the external cabling. However, if you think about it, it makes the bike eminently tunable without calling for too much expertise.

The front fork is supplied by RockShox and offers a travel of 130 mm – commendable by any standards. The rebound and lockout fitted into the rear shock are from X-Fusion. A standard 780 mm wide handlebar keeps the mountain bike suitable for trustworthy, speedy downhill riding.

The core of the bike remains simple despite the many features on offer. It tells you that the simplicity of the rear derailleur with an SRAM NX 1×11 drivetrain and the absence of a front derailleur are desirable features. Users report convenience in shifting and appreciate the eliminated steps of choosing among multiple drivetrains.

Standard hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro keep the control very much within the rider’s palms. 32H rims from Alex MD27 support tires of 29-inch size with a width of 2.25 inches. This makes the bike stand up straight and also amenable to easy tubeless upgrades.


  • Adjustable seat post and angles
  • Admirable bump absorption
  • Great traction in loose, sandy tracks


  • Pedals not included

Verdict: The full-suspension VELOWAVE Electric Bike is one for the trails that beginners will enjoy. Advanced riders will welcome the upgrades that it makes room for as a natural extension to its promise of durability. It’s decently priced and well-regarded among users. Still, it is considered an entry-level mountain bicycle in terms of both specifications and pricing as far as FS bikes go.

Considerations for a Mountain Bike

How much should one spend on a mountain bike?

There is definitely a lower limit on the budget for mountain bikes – hardtails being priced slightly lower than full-suspension bikes. At the current price bracket, you can get a taste of both if you are patient and thorough in the research you put in.

The call of mountain biking isn’t the death knell for your bank account. Your budget doesn’t have to hit the skies.

Let the amount you decide to spend on the bike be a function of the following factors:

The amount of time you spend on the bike: If you only go out to the hillside once a week, a hybrid bike or even a mid-range hardtail will do the trick. On the other hand, if you spend hours on the bike snaking through trails and dirt paths, you need a good quality bike with suspension and tires that can handle drops and roots.

The paths you choose to conquer: If you plan to do cross-country trips, you don’t have the need for a heavy suspension fork. XC bikes fulfill this purpose. If you wish to conquer slopes with speed and momentum, you need the very best suspension. In the latter case, choose FS or soft-tail bikes. There is another category called trail bikes. They are relatively inexpensive and have uncomplicated gears. Endurance bikes and downhill bikes are more expensive but they also handle more challenging tracks. If you look for long wheelbases, choose Downhill bikes. If you wish for long reach, go for endurance bikes.

How much vibration you can tolerate: Obviously, you’d like to feel fewer of those uncomfortable vibrations as you touch challenging tracks. But the more sophisticated materials such as carbon-fiber or titanium which conquer vibrations better are more expensive. Look for aluminum or steel body bikes that cut through vibrations with good quality wheels, suspension, and frame geometry.

Final verdict

We pick the Diamondback models as the best of the listings because of their overall performance, long-lasting componentry, and reliable customer service.

However, there are a few lesser-known brands that can offer admirable all-round performance. Do not miss out on considering Jeffsy’s capabilities before you make the final purchase decision.

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