Best Women’s Cyclocross Bikes

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Let’s face it; our forefathers would be seemingly shocked at how quickly we drop hundreds and thousands of dollars on lackluster cyclocross bikes. Agreed, we are often deceived by sidebar advertisements on Facebook and other popular sites, but the ultimate onus is on us to not make a hasty or terrible choice. Today, we bring to you the five best women’s cyclocross bikes that won’t cause you any investment grief.

5 Best Women’s Cyclocross Bikes Discussed

Comparison Chart

51lPuaMB6mL. SL500
OBK Road Bike 700C Wheels 21 Speed Daul Disc Brakes Mens or Womens Bicycle Cycling 54cm/49cm Frame (54cm Wheel 1)
5103jqBT14L. SL500
Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike
51sr21BIijL. SL500
Viribus Adult Gravel Bike, 21 Speed 27.5 Inch Road Bike with Dual V Brakes, All Terrain Bicycle with Drop Bar Handles Adjustable Seat Lightweight Steel Frame, On & Offroad Bike for Men & Women, Gray
Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike with STI Integrated Shifters
Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds – Black – Extra Large

1. OBK Women’s Road Bike

51lPuaMB6mL. SL500

If you are next in the line thinking of getting the best women’s cyclocross bike, consider this to be your lucky moment because the OBK bike will meet all your needs beautifully. To begin with, the bike has a newer generation look to it. Seriously, the look of this cyclocross bike is totally worth bragging about. By all accounts, you will love riding this bike for the good looks alone.

Looks aside, the bike is powerful, feature-rich, and sturdy enough to survive a lot of distance driving without any fuss. Given the construction quality, this cyclocross bike can be used for regular commuting and bike racing events as well, which should tell you that the bike has very good mechanical properties to it (discussed below). Truth to be told, the entire bike is built for maximum riding performance. 

Product Highlights

The true highlight of this bike lies in the fact that it’s designed, keeping women riders in mind. It has a women-specific size and lightweight 6061 Alloy frame to it, which naturally positions a woman in an ideal riding position. The handlebar width (40mm) is also appropriately based on an average woman’s shoulder-length to ensure a superb ride quality.

The 700×33 tires on this bike are capable of handling quiet country lanes, city roads, and potholes without any hiccups. Keep in mind that this bike has a higher than usual bottom bracket for better ground clearance. Also, it has this SRAM Rival 1X11 drivetrain that provides a better gear range and smooth gear transition. The stopping power of this bike is incredible too.

The buildup time of this bike isn’t too long either. Experienced folks should be able to put together this bike in less than 30 minutes. Of course, if you have no prior experience in bike assembling, you should take it to a nearby bike shop for assistance so that the product warranty stays good. The good news is that the makers behind this bike have a long history in the cycling industry. So, they know how to treat their customers.


  • Built keeping women riders in mind
  • Thoughtful and solid construction quality 
  • Good warranty and customer support


  • May not suit all budgets

Our Verdict: The OBK Women’s Road Bike is totally ready to handle the worst weathers of the year. As advertised, it’s a course-conquering bike, making it totally worth every dime you spend on it. 

2. Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike

5103jqBT14L. SL500

The Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike is a solid bike with solid features. Even though the bike comes at a low asking price, it doesn’t have low-end mechanical features it. It appears that the bike was built to raise the standards of budget-friendly women’s cyclocross bikes. At 22.6lbs, it may not be the lightest bike for women, but it definitely feels a lot lighter than what it actually is. Maybe, this has to do a lot with the product ergonomics. 

The makers have used a lightweight aluminum frame for the construction of this endurance bike. Better still, it comes with built-in fender mounts and rack. Moreover, it has good bar tape, making it easy to achieve a tight grip, which, of course, helps a lot during longer rides. As advertised, it runs fast too. The best part is that the bike has this old-school quality to it, which means that it’s built to take abuse.

Product Highlights

The geometry of this bike is designed to offer a more relaxed position, exactly how women riders would normally prefer. Also, the seat on this bike can be easily adjusted at different heights based on a rider’s preference. The bike also allows room for slight modifications (if needed). For instance, you can fit larger tires if you are someone who can’t ride without them. 

Keep in mind that the brakes on this bike are out there for serious business too. For those who don’t know, it features TRP Spyre C mechanical disc brakes, which is the best of the crop available nowadays. All the other parts and components of this bike are also on the high-end side. As a result, the bike ride feels tremendously joyful on most terrains.

The best part is that the bike gets to speed pretty quickly without any extra effort from your part. As such, it offers 16 gear combinations. Not to mention that the bike looks really cool with the silver paint job. If well taken care of, this endurance bike can last a decade. Not to undermine the fact that the bike company offers a lifetime warranty on the bike’s frame.


  • Incredibly good braking power
  • Neat packaging. Unpacks very quickly
  • Assembles in less than half an hour


  • Deserves a better user manual

Our Verdict: The all-round performance of this cyclocross bike is right on the money. It has everything that you would want from an affordable bike in its class. Also, the negatives of this bike have nothing to do with the bike itself. So, don’t dodge this bike over other options.

3. Viribus Adult Road Bike

51sr21BIijL. SL500

This is an excellent bike for cyclocross enthusiasts. Not only does it come at a paltry sum of money for a machine of its nature, but it’s tough enough to last for many years and beyond. Seriously, it’s suitable for any terrain you can think about. Urban or rural, this adventure bike is ready to conquer the streets. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that the bike pops up in countless reviews on what kind of cyclocross bike is best for women riders. 

It has some serious potential that you may not have expected from a bike that costs a few hundred dollars. Believe it or not, the nearest competitor of this bike will cost you several hundred dollars more, which should tell you that you are getting the Viribus Adult Road Bike at a steal price. Also, this bike fits people of all heights without any issues. 

Product Highlights

The specs of this cyclocross bike are too good for its price point. Of course, the brakes will take some time to break-in, which is usually the case with most new bikes out there. Other than this, there are hardly any deal-breaking flaws on this bike. On the contrary, the Viribus Adult Road Bike will run like new for several hundred miles without any issues. 

The 700x40c tires on this machine can absorb gravel, cobblestones, and potholes like other no equivalent bike tires in its price range. The handlebar and the disc brakes are satisfactory too, which causes the bike to deliver a highly-refined bike ride. Moreover, the bike has Shimano Drive Train, which is a good bike component. Furthermore, this bike comes with a nicely padded seat to keep the rider comfortable, at all times.

The speed (21) of this bike is good too. You will have no problems keeping up with other cyclists riding expensive bikes alongside you. This isn’t to say that this bike is as good as a professional racing bike. But, the speed and performance of the bike are above normal standards by any stretch of the imagination, especially for its affordable price point.


  • Has two water bottle carrying spots
  • Easy to assemble and unpack


  • It’s a heavy bike

Our Verdict: The Viribus Adult Road Bike does the unthinkable thing. It lets you spend the least amount of money on a cyclocross bike that’s highly capable of handling both roads and trails like a true champ. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to get this bike.

4. Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike

41vEXNa ntS. SL500

The Vilano Shadow 3.0 bike offers a promising performance on all kinds of tough terrains. It’s able to handle long distances as well, where other affordable women’s cyclocross bikes may look like sheer losers. Seriously, if you look at the specs and features of other comparable bikes, you will realize that this hybrid road bike is indeed a mega-hit in its price bracket. 

Independent reviews about this bike are also reassuring and positive. Keep in mind that it weighs only 26 lbs, despite carrying all the toughness that a rough terrain bike should ideally have. Of course, it rides smoothly, the gears shift easily, and the handling is great as well. The makers have really kept up to the advertisement of delivering a robust bike at a budget price.

Product Highlights:

The production quality of the bike’s frame is top-notch. For supreme comfort, the bike also features an upright handlebar. Moreover, it has disc brakes for great stopping power. The included pedals are not bad too. The bike is loved for its looks as well. According to most cyclists, the bike looks much better in person.

The bike can be assembled on your own without any issues, which means that you won’t have to take it to a bike shop for assistance. Furthermore, the 8-gear rear cassette on this bike offers a lot of flexibility, which makes uphill riding a lot easier than usual. Above all, the available gear ratios ensure fast and effortless riding. 

Keep in mind that this bike also comes well-packed and protected to prevent cosmetic damage. The company follows up the order with an email that includes a lot of vital tips to get the best value from the bike. Not to mention that the 700c wheels on this bike deliver great riding momentum. The tubes and tires are replaceable as well.


  • Pedals are included with the bike
  • Good quality saddle and handlebars
  • Assembling is a snap


  • Not designed for extremely tall women

Our Verdict: This is a great starter cyclocross bike for road/trail riding. It performs wonderfully under all weather conditions, of course, without costing you a bomb. Therefore, you shouldn’t skip this bike.

5. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

This is a precisely built bike designed for cyclocross racing and riding. As advertised, this bike cruises smoothly like a dream. The shifting is spot on, the brakes function well, and the bike doesn’t feel heavy at all. Between the lowest and the highest gear, you get a lot of range to cruise through uphill and downhill routes. Also, this bike is available in three attractive and bright colors; black, burnt orange, and white.

Ergonomic-wise, this cyclocross bike is second to none. All the parts and components are thoughtfully added for maximum rider comfort and efficiency. For instance, the compact frame of this bike enables cyclists to maintain a relaxed position during the rides. Keep in mind that the makers have used the highest quality aluminum in this bike. As it’s easy to tell, this is truly an ‘affordable premium’ bike that won’t break your bank.

Product Highlights

The Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike offers a nice blend of comfort, performance, and styling like no other equivalent bike in its price spectrum. The bike carries Claris components, which really stands out from the competition. Believe it or not, similar bikes with the same or lesser features actually cost more than this bike. 

Like other bikes from this brand, the Tommaso Imola Endurance Bike is designed in Italy, but built in the USA with great care, pride, and attention to detail. It’s shipped in a huge flat box, and it comes assembled for the most part. All you have to do is put the seat, front wheels, handlebar, and pedals on. Not to undermine the fact that Tommaso offers a solid two-year warranty on this cherished bike. 

What’s also worth noticing over here is that this is direct to the consumer brand, which means that you don’t have to spend more to get this bike. Since there are no middlemen involved in the deal, Tommaso passes the cost benefits to the customers. From XXS to XL, this bike is sold in many sizes. This means that it can suit any women from 4.10 to 6.5. 


  • Features highly durable parts
  • Suitable for both novice and advanced riders
  • Can be driven smoothly in all weather conditions


  • Seat is a bit tiny 

Our Verdict: If you are in the market for a cyclocross bike, you won’t regret ordering this bike. It has the right price, quality, and longevity to it to please all the future bike buyers out there. 


There’s so much luck involved in getting a good cyclocross bike these days that you might fail more often than win. So, don’t get a dumpster ready bike on your own. Instead, take advantage of our extensive knowledge to bring home a high-quality cyclocross bike without throwing an arm and a leg. 

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