Best Women’s Hybrid Bikes

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Check for frame and fork, looks, comfort specs – understand what specs should dictate your purchase decision.

Bicycling for women is at an interesting phase. At one time it represented women’s empowerment and recognition among the suffrage. Today, this marker of societal metamorphoses that affected several domains including fashion is a way of life as much as it is a rewarding pastime.

Women today choose bicycles that pay back in a myriad of ways – by helping them get fit, look good, and get things done. To further the sheer enjoyment and efficacy of the bicycling experience, women are now spoilt with choices among bicycle types and features.

Of the options available, the number of takers for women’s hybrid bikes are many and with good reason. Hybrid bikes provide a little of everything each type of bike offers. They are light in weight, slim and good looking. On the performance front, they offer a simple gear system. Comfort is a high priority.

Simply, a hybrid can be any type of bike – it is easy to get used to and seeks to put the rider at ease. Check out the panoramic possibilities within hybrids – look at each of the items.

5 Best Women’s Hybrid Bikes

Comparison Chart

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-inch Wheels, 18-inch/Medium Frame, Black
Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike -White/Black – XS
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 7-Speed Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle, 26″ Wheels and 17.5″ Frame, Navy with Brown Seat and Grips (630035)
Hiland Hybrid Bike Urban City Commuter Bicycle for Women Comfortable Bicycle 700C Wheels with 7 Speeds Blue Grey
Kent Oakwood Women’s Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch

1. Schwinn Discover Sport Fitness Hybrid Bike

51CEA7cSulL. SL500

A Schwinn hybrid naturally makes it to the top of a list of hybrids – it lets you build fitness, ride roughshod over planes and inclines, and also allows you to sit back and pedal at a leisurely pace down pebbled side roads. If all you wish to do is take in the sedate scenery on a sunny afternoon, your trusty companion is the Schwinn Discover.

Consider the gray variant with glints of pink peeping in here and there on the frame. It’s not too flashy nor is it too solemn. But the matte finish of the paint and the no-nonsense silhouette of the bike frame only enhance your mood.

Moving on from the aesthetics, the road-aware design of a Schwinn is hard to beat. The frame is made of aluminum. Schwinn, the German bike maker who is deeply aware of the changing needs of enthusiastic modern riders of hybrid bikes calls this one a sports and fitness hybrid – meaning it is perfect for accelerating through inclines and plane paths when you feel like it.

The suspension fork at the front soaks up pebbled paths and loose rocks alike. Your pedaling efficiency is assured by Shimano’s EZ Fire shifters on an enviable 24-speed drivetrain. Derailleurs fitted both at the front and rear allow the rider to pick and choose the most suitable gears for each terrain and riding goal.

Yes, Schwinn Discover is for the thinking rider who researches and invests in top-of-the-line bikes that are capable of high performance. Discover boasts of double-walled alloy rims and Shimano’s proprietary alloy cranks on an 8-speed cassette. It gives you a whole new experience with gearing powered by Shimano who is a leading maker of bike componentry. That said, the price bracket of neither the 17-inch nor the 19-inch frame breaks the bank.


  • Choice of step-over and step-through frames
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Refined welded body adds to good looks


  • Gear and brakes need minor adjustment

Verdict: A decently-priced flat handlebar, disc brakes, and clear 700c wheels with plenty of durability and mileage can be yours with the added advantage of Schwinn’s famous design finesse. Almost no cons – it’s smoothness and shifting are unrivaled.

2. Tommaso La Forma Hybrid Bike

41n+l4tesJL. SL500

If the name sounds luxurious, even more luxurious and performance-centered are the technical and specifications of the La Forma. To riders hailing with all kinds of motivations, the words “carbon fork” are like music. To them, it conveys the luxury of airy lightness, smooth movement, and superiority of locomotion in every sense.

All of this and more is possible with Tommaso. It is an ace in everything from the looks to everything else one needs in a bike. For starters, the color scheme has two options – black and white, and white and black. Confused? Don’t be. The two variants are just color inversions. The ‘Tommaso’ name is borne forth proudly in a minimalist-style font and the accents of color are jazzy without being flashy.

The variants by size are many ranging from XXS at 4’10” to 6’3” for the XL size. Within this framework, Tommaso brings in the highly-specialized combination of an aluminum frame and a carbon fork. The HCT carbon fork absorbs metallic vibrations and also is lighter than conventional metal tubing. The compactness of the frame makes it perfect for women’s shoulder width and reach measurements.

Shifting coordinated by Shimano Acera is a star attraction of this Tommaso bike. The 11/32T cassette allows 48/36/26 T gear assortments. This apparatus makes the bike suitable for all sorts of terrains and riding styles. For a reasonable price in the mid-range, Tommaso tacks on a display that shows you the gear you’re pedaling in. The shifting is inherently smooth with Rapid Fire shifters by Shimano.

La Forma is excellent for racing on the roads and equally precise in the performance on dirt roads. To maximize its abilities, Tommaso recommends that you get the first assembly out of the box done by a professional mechanic.


  • Lifetime frame and fork warranty
  • Compatible with fenders, racks and panniers
  • Light-weight at only 35 pounds


  • Gear chain slips – needs tuning

Verdict: Awesome bike at this price point. Made with forethought and future-readiness at its core. Pedals are included. Fits standard accessories like a breeze.

3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Hybrid

51OOZbrhgOL. SL500

This is a hybrid of a touring bike, commuter bike, and beach cruiser bike. True to the form of cruiser bikes, Sixthreezero keeps it simple with a seven-speed drivetrain available in both 24” and 26” size variants. Sure, there are the 3-speed and 21-speed variants too. Choose the size and drivetrain suitable for you based on where you will spend the most time on this bike. Here we take a closer look at the 7-speed with an aluminum step-through frame.

Straightaway, you will notice that it looks stylish with an attractive palette to choose from – cream, teal and navy with well-matched tones on the seat cover and handle-grips. An attractive rear cargo rack gives the touring bike its look of leisurely riding with an overnight bag in tow. For the chosen frame size, 1.95-inch tires offer plenty of grip on the road as well as stability. The dual-spring seat has a synthetic leather saddle. It is comfortable and low.

The wide, up-turned handlebars in the style of cruiser bikes are different from other hybrids that you usually see. The curve allows the arms of the rider to meet the handle-grips with no need for straining or stooping.

Alloy brakes at the front and back need adjustment and regular tuning. Once fitted, they work well. Shimano components such as the external derailleur do their job. Like many comfort hybrids that stay true to the comfort factor, Sixthreezero tries to find the same foot-on-the-ground stance for its riders. Make sure you choose the correct frame size so you enjoy this bike.


  • Wide, comfortable commuter handlebars
  • Comfort-first step-through frame


  • Brakes and fenders need adjustment

Verdict: Perfectly good-looking, stable bike. It’s a great one for beginners and those who wish to get back into training through the mild exercise it offers.

4. Hiland Women’s Hybrid Commuter Bike

Commuter bikes are favored by those who wish to combine errands with fitness. This is an opportunity to go green too!

Hiland makes light of slippery roads, wet paths, paths with loose rocks and hills too. It is for the woman in you who would like to get moving and get things done at the same time. A/O means for this bike to be used as a performance bicycle – go hard at the pedaling and accelerate up to 20 mph.

If casual riding at a leisurely pace is your pick for the day, Hiland can endure up to 30 miles in a gallop. Specifically built for women in the height range of 5’2” to 5’10”, the design sports a wide seat and flat handlebars. Throw your weight behind the bars and ride fast, or sit back and ride upright – the Hiland can take it. It features front and rear handbrakes with minimal wiring. Tires are wide at 700 c x 38, offering plenty of balance on dusty roads and trails. The 26” frame allows you to take a confident stand while mounting and dismounting.

The sleek body and light frame tend towards slightly retro looks. The rear cargo carriage reinforces the same image. The seat and saddle are wide and accommodating.


  • Light body at 45 pounds
  • Hybrid tires suit all conditions
  • Suitable for long rides


  • Available only in dark bottle green

Verdict: At 45 pounds, the Hiland is light for a hybrid commuter bike. Get it assembled by an expert on purchase or at a nearby bike shop to be assured of tuning and performance from the word go.

5. Kent Oakwood Women’s Cruiser Bike

51NeGIugDZL. SL500

You’ve heard that most hybrid bikes come at entry-level pricing and its true. The Kent Oakwood Women’s Cruiser Bike is modestly priced and still offers hybrid capabilities. The color choices are wine red and white, but you only have white listed on Amazon at the moment.

The Shimano derailleurs at the front and rear make it a decent 21-speed core. Fitted into a lightweight alloy frame body, the bike is suitable for commuting through the city, rapid messenger work, and long-distance travel as well.

Kent calls it a unisex design because of the lowered bar and step-through frame. True to this claim, the alloy frame and lightweight (at 35 pounds) for the entire piece makes it a natural and convenient riding companion for adventurous women.

Women between the height range of 5’6” to 5’10” would find the 17-inch frame suitable. The Kent Oakwood Women’s Cruiser Bike can bear up a maximum rider weight of 275 pounds. The seat is comfortable and the foam insert ensures that you don’t have sore muscles after long rides.

The pocket-friendly pricing stands out among the most desirable features of this bike. Despite this, the standardized parts from Shimano make sure nothing is left to chance. Among the Kent bikes on offer, this is the only one at this price point with slim tires offering a clearance of 700c. This aids you to accelerate easily and just as easily maintain the momentum. As the name indicates, it’s ideal for city conditions.


  • Light weight and suited for light riders
  • Pedals included
  • Adjustable seat post


  • Entry-level components used
  • Not ideal for slopes

Verdict: Great choice of hybrid in the entry-level price bracket. The cross-section of users who can ride this bike comfortably is rather slim. Most women would be able to use it without issues.

Guide for Buying a Hybrid Bike

How should each of these parts be in a hybrid bike?

Seat post: An adjustable seat post enabled with springs is best for making minor adjustments in height. It also determines the angle at which the rider reaches the handlebars.

Saddle: A wide saddle is comfortable. But racer seats also are comfortable on seasoned riders.

Frame material: An aluminum frame is preferred as it keeps both cost and weight low. Carbon frames are lighter but more expensive.

Tires: The width of the tire determines the grip with the surface and overall stability. When you have more rough surfaces to conquer, go for thicker, wider tires.

Steering: Since you will ride over more roads and paved paths than rocky terrain, stability is not as important as it is for a mountain bike.  Therefore, you can opt for better steering control.

Handlebars: Flat handlebars allow you to sit upright and face the track head-on. There are fewer surprises as you don’t throw your weight behind the momentum you desire. However, this upright riding position also means you don’t have the aerodynamic advantage that road/racing bikes allow. This means it’ll take more effort for you to build up speed.

Frame geometry: This is simply the comparison of wheelbase and stack length. To understand stack length that is best for you, measure your inseam height as well as your ideal stand-over height. But remember that shorter reach doesn’t always translate to better comfort or ideal geometry. It’s only one of the many features. Greater wheelbase length translates to more stability. You can also tailor your ride better when you have a greater length between the axles.

Your decision should be a function of the features you desire and the componentry you can afford.

Not everyone can afford a carbon fork and frame, and may not even want to. There are butted-aluminum constructions with tig-welded frames that perform just as well as carbon bikes. A case in point is the Schwinn Phocus which is much admired for its welding finesse. The fine tuning and welding on it are comparable to considerably more expensive bikes.

Don’t go for more gears simply because you can afford them. Higher gears make your job easier if you have more hills and varieties of terrain to contend with. Low gears are enough if you have only hills as they don’t require you to put in more effort. 7-speeds should do the trick if you are reasonably fit and are looking to get fitter.

This tells you that you also need to take your level of training into consideration before narrowing down the bike choices.

Final Verdict

Hybrid bikes are the absolute leaders among all bicycle types simply because they do a little in each category. On the whole, they get a lot done.

If this all-encompassing versatility is what you’re looking for, we recommend you try out the Hiland Hybrid. It is great for the roads, dirt trails of low complexity, and beach cruises. However, it doesn’t afford the same scintillating performance on the harder trails and hardcore rutted foliage of deeper mountain tracks. Nor is it expected to behave exactly like a mountain bike.

Considering all the factors of economy, the width of tires and longevity of frame, we recommend the Schwinn Phocus. A close second is the Tommaso La Forma which also delivers all-round performance and fires on all cylinders such as lightness, warranty for the main components, and variety among accessories.

Whichever you choose, make sure you choose it with a complete understanding of its exclusive capabilities. We stress this point because each has its own strengths. The Sixthreezero cruiser, for instance, is your answer if you want graceful feminine looks which no other listing possesses.

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