Best Women’s Mountain Bike under $1000

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These babies are by no means lavish but every whit functional.

Mountain bikes are a buzzword among lovers of the outdoors and nature. The best ones have multiple features. They allow a rider to negotiate the toughest trails without straining a muscle. Yet, they offer a workout that would put a high-intensity gym routine to shame.

Oh, the spectacular scenes bikers have as a setting for this workout! No gym has such views of valleys, greenery, lively cityscapes, and streams.

Many women start mountain biking as girls. Some start it as a family outdoor cardio routine, others as seniors bonding in the crisp hillside sunshine away from a city’s pollution. For most, it’s an adrenaline-pumping health and fitness activity that suits any age. Whatever the purpose of your riding, mountain biking is the best form of riding for women because it gives a work out to your core, lower body, and amps up your heart rate. With a decent budget, you can add a holistic, women-specific daily or weekly bike routine.

For a well-defined price point, you get standardized parts, smooth sailing across a variety of terrains, and several unique aspects of upgrading, storage or more. By comparing reviews and features from some of the top mountain bike makers, you can tell with awareness which features are crucial for your riding comfort and which features you can do without.

Ever wonder if there are types of rides within mountain biking itself? Well, there are! Look at the considerations you need to take into account before you make the purchase decision.

6 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes under 1000 & Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike, Full Dual Suspension, 29-Inch Wheels , Blue/grey
51qflAz5 fL. SL500
Royce Union RTT 26″ Womens 21-Speed Mountain Bike, 15″ Aluminum Frame, Trigger Shift, Sky Blue
51rR+eu1wQL. SL500
SAVADECK Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike, DECK2.0 MTB 26″/27.5″/29″ Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle 27 Speed M2000 Group Set (Black Red, 29″*19″)
Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike with 27.5″ Wheels, 18″/Medium, Red
SIRDAR S-900 27 Speed 27.5 inch Mountain Bike Aluminum Alloy and High Carbon Steel with 2 Replaceable Seat, Full Suspension Disc Brake Outdoor Bikes for Men Women
ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike for Adult, 26″ Electric Commuter Bicycle 20Mph with Removable 12.5Ah/8AH Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears

1. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

51uBmMxf YL. SL500

With size ranges from small to X-Large, Schwinn’s 29-inch wheeled hardtail bike covers height range from 5’4” to 6’5”. That’s quite a range of rider weight to support but it does so confidently because of the faithful stopping the excellent brakes afford. The brakes feature hydraulic discs that snap in as quickly as you want.

The use of alloy in the frame also means the bike is light. Yet, because of the superior design, it yields excellent performance. The 29-inch wheel gives enough clearance and the suspension is appreciable on any surface. In the looks department, the Schwinn Traxion ticks all the boxes of coolness and clear, well-defined lines. The fork travel is a standard 100 mm – this allows it to adapt well to the surface and absorb shocks that will otherwise convey to your body.

The frame is made from a textured alloy by Schwinn and comes with lifetime warranty. Schwinn proudly uses Shimano components to give smoothness to the shifting. The drivetrain from Shimano powers 24 speeds for different courses and trails. You are sure to try out and get better at the lower gears – this is a bike you can grow with as a rider!


  • Long-lasting alloy frame with a lifetime warranty
  • High-performance Shimano drivetrain and brakes with a 2-year warranty
  • Wide handlebars


  • No bottle clip

Verdict: Schwinn gauges and delivers on the needs of biking enthusiasts who have a considerable number of riding hours in their kitty. It features standard components and an admirable design that no one can fault with. Maybe add a gel cover to the seat if you feel it’s too hard.

2. Royce Union RTT Mountain Bike

51qflAz5 fL. SL500

Everyone who’s into mountain biking has heard of the advantages of going tubeless. The wheel rims of the tubeless-ready tire are mounted with a bead to reduce the loss of air pressure. This model offers a great many advantages the foremost of which is that you will have fewer flat tire incidences. You can roll forward seamlessly even as tire pressure reduces and your rim will suffer a lot less before you can air it up again.

Looks-wise, there is not much to write home about the latest Royce Union RTT mountain bike. It’s no-nonsense. The handlebars are made of aluminum and the spokes are double-butted stainless steel. SRAM componentry makes the bike hardy and even for a hardtail, the suspension is above average. The RockShox suspension offers a travel of 100 mm. Even more impressive is the TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) from the stable of WTB (Wilderness Trail Bikes) – the last word in innovation as far as mountain biking is concerned. The Fantom bike comes with 29-inch wheel rims and tubeless-ready tires to support the 30-speed Shimano drivetrain.

Royce brings out a hardtail mountain bike that is on the brink of tubeless comfort. You now bounce ahead with enviable suspension and the tires slip through the needles and pinecones of rutted mountain paths and grasses completely unscathed. The fact of the matter is the Royce expects people to build their own bikes. This isn’t a problem for most enthusiasts who possess their own toolboxes. New users might need to get initiated by someone or take the assistance of a bike shop.


  • Excellent suspension and hydraulic braking
  • Tires are suited for hardpack gravel paths
  • Cup-sealed design hubs lend stability


  • Tires don’t grip on loose sand or stony paths
  • Cranks are too heavy

Verdict: Royce has to be assembled keel up – this might present a challenge to some riders. The bike is great in terms of value for money. All the parts are state-of-the-art. The niggles of the tire and crank can be swapped out.

3. Savadeck Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

51rR+eu1wQL. SL500

The lore of carbon bikes is a special one. Every mountain biking enthusiast will have sighed for one at one point or another. But there is the Savadeck Deck variant which is available at the entry-level price point. Admittedly, the models with the larger wheel sizes of 27.5-inch and 29-inch are costlier.

Savadeck is also available within a similar price range as this current model. Deck 300, is of 29-inch wheel diameter, and it comes in both 15-inch and 17-inch frame sizes. It is perfect for women’s inseam length, shoulder width and reach. For its many desirable features such as suspension, braking, and the buttery-smooth derailleurs from Shimano, Savadeck is among the mountain bikes that counts.

The truth about the Savadeck that makes it appealing to sporty women and serious bikers is that it’s a handy piece of machinery. It delivers an admirable performance on a variety of surfaces. Even professional bikers would find that this is a frame that delivers. Double mechanical disc brakes offer smooth stopping but keep the cost of the bicycle as well as its weight well within range.

Saved the most notable feature for the last: Savadeck sports a carbon fiber frame which holds the weight down to about 37 pounds – quite a bargain for a hardtail mountain bike that performs on almost on any surface including cobbled streets and inclines.

This is the one you’d go for if you don’t wish to burn a hole in the pocket. You get the shipping in a decent period and the set is nearly fully assembled. You can get it road-ready in under 20 minutes.


  • Light frame
  • Easy assembly – no need for a bike manual
  • Delivers great value for money spent


  • Slight noise from the gears – no big cons

Verdict: It’s a near-perfect bike. The gear system delivers a flawless performance. A clicking noise observed during the shifting of gears can be ironed out while tuning. There’s almost nothing you can say against this bike.

4. Diamondback Bikes Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

41YcZ628GSL. SL500

Diamondback is a bikemaker that believes in the biker’s mental focus and energy. Its machines are fitted for those who spend hours on their bikes. Of all the ones in their stable, the dropped cross-bar of this Diamondback Bike “Overdrive” is perfect for girls and women because it is easy to mount and dismount. It also does not compromise on comfort despite the lofty technical specs.

Suntour’s suspension fork with 120 mm of travel merits special mention. It makes easy work out of trail riding. Butted tubing of the body gives sturdiness to the frame without adding weight. It also gives a smooth finish and consistent clean lines along the entire body of the bike.

Shimano powers the drivetrain in a single 1 x 9 ring. This is not technically a beginner’s bike. The internally routed dropper posts allow you to add a drivetrain to make it a 2 x 9 ring instantly.

Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes take the cake for being responsive. The fluid has a response time of literally milliseconds, making this bike uber-safe to be on whether you’re cruising downhill or turning sharp corners. Now, don’t waste a second more to beat your own records.

At a little over 40 pounds, this is a suitable bike to return to mountain biking if you return to bicycles after a long time. You’ll marvel at the improved design features. Diamondback Overdrive was voted one of the most sought-after mountain bikes in 2019.

An ode to the packaging is due – not a scratch on the bike after you break open the boxset – it is really packed that well.


  • Sturdy but light in weight
  • Good grip on tires
  • Excellent hydraulic brakes


  • Not really tubeless-ready

Verdict: Decently priced for a hardtail with a light body and hydraulic brakes. The Shimano drivetrain and brakes make it worth the price.

5. Sirdar Alloy Fork Bike

51NSMAMHvlS. SL500

Sirdar Bicycles’ mission is literally about furthering the urge to hop on a bicycle and cutting the reasons you don’t ride out of way. The bright frame of the Bobtrax plus-sized bicycle is arresting even at first glance because of the thick tires. The 29 x 2.5 inch tires are quite simply the most attractive feature of this stunning bike – they look and feel reliable, and they do truly outlast the test of time.

The title itself proclaims that it uses the oft-referenced SRAM X5 Drivetrain that is synonymous with performance and speed.  The departure from the road bike segment is easy for Sirdar because of the use of X5 components that make shifters and levers as smooth as if you were really on the road.

Except that you’re on the hillside and Sirdar makes the experience thrilling for you. The brake system of Shimano’s M365 hydraulic model is available to give control and command over speeding. The aforementioned X5 derailleur shifts with amazing speed and accuracy.

For beginners, Sirdar recommends installation by an expert so that the wheel spokes, rims, and drivetrain are coordinated well. The RockShox Recon Silver Suspension Fork might be confusing to beginners if they attempt to install it all on their own. But once fitted in, the axle is sturdy and offers enduring balance to the rider. Suspension needs to be coordinated and put in and this requires some expertise.


  • Responsive shifters
  • Chunky plus-sized tires are attractive and grip well


  • Rear derailleur and wheel rims need adjustment

Verdict: Superb choice for those who love thrilling rides downhill rides and even racing along hilly paths. It is a definite contender for advanced bikers who want more out of their mountain bike. It’s light in weight at 30 pounds and easy to put together.

6. ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike

519jew7cOmL. SL500

Fancy a bike that takes the effort out of climbing those hills but keeps the thrill intact? Then the ANCHEER here for you. Once you’re up there enjoying the misty breezes, you can literally fold up your ride and enjoy the pristine beauty of a log cabin. Sounds too good to be true? That’s ANCHEER’s promise to you as it comes loaded with a 36V Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery. The 250 W motor at the rear powers your pedaling as you take it easy – and this works well for ranges of 15 to 25 miles, so your short trips are taken care of.

In the looks department, ANCHEER can still beat the best three-spoke wheelers with its mechanical disc tires. At thicker than 2 inches, they grip the terrain and assure you of a skid-free ride, looking great all the while. Shimano supplies ANCHEER with a 7-speed drivetrain and the Evo Twist grip shifter does its job of keeping your effort minimal as it scales those tough inclines.

Getting the assembly right is another matter. It would be best to call in a professional to set it up and tune it from time to time. Seeing that it’s an electric bike, you can be proud of the fact that you’re using renewable energy. You’re going green even as you enjoy the bounties of nature all around you. Don’t worry your ride now has a motor and it’ll judder as you go around. The motor is quiet and locked firmly into the frame.

The charging of the removable battery on this bike is aided by the charger provided. However, the battery and motor do make this bike a bit heavier than the other bikes on this list. It weighs 50 pounds after it’s road-ready, but it does fold up neatly as claimed and a locking mechanism keeps it in place. “Pedal assist” does its job even on steep hills and the bike can go at a maximum of 19 mph.


  • Go green with an electric motor
  • Reduce effort through ‘pedal assist’


  • Unsuited for high-speed biking
  • Mechanical disc brakes need tuning

Verdict: Foldable and priced reasonably for an electric bike with decent speed and drivetrain. Be prepared to give it time to charge up.

Considerations for a Women’s Mountain Bike

Not everyone who rides fancies buying a mountain bike.

For a woman, the things that matter about size and fit are pretty much the same between a road bike and a mountain bike. Except that it’s probably even more crucial to get the sizing right with a mountain bike.

As a rule, get the inseam length, reach, and stem height measured to the last millimeter. Next, be sure to look for adjustable seat posts.

Understand your needs:

Do you wish to do cross-country biking or trail biking?

Cross-country biking uses 80 mm to 100 mm of travel whereas trail biking, which has more bumpy, stony or rough paths, uses a travel fork of 120 mm to 160 mm. Simply, this is the distance the suspension can travel. When the distance is longer, the bike can absorb more bumps.

Cross-country bikes typically have less suspension travel. You see, suspension forks tend to make a bike heavier. To keep the weight reined in, less suspension is used in these bikes.

Country biking requires more speed and pedaling efficiency. Hardtail bikes are better suited for this because they are lighter and promote more efficient pedaling.

What kind of terrain will you see the most?

It can get confusing when some bike makers advertise their bikes as “all-terrain bikes”. These types are also called “enduro” bikes by some manufacturers. For this reason, they’re excellent for riding over forest foliage, tall grass, or pebbles. But they require more pedaling on your part. You can build speed, but you need to supply a tantamount power with your legs.

Why does wheel size matter?

While 26 inch or 27.5-inch wheels were the outer limits for a long time, 29-inch wheels are the most in-thing now.

Bigger wheels pass through dense foliage or loose gravel more easily. As a result, they offer a greater ground clearance if you ever pass through marshy or wet stretches. Check if adjusting the seat makes a difference before you decide to go a size up in the frame. A bigger frame size means you have to reach over further ahead.

However, as the wheel size goes up, you also need a longer bike. The distance between the two axles is important for you to maintain balance and stability. A bigger wheel requires you to work harder to keep control.

For women, who typically have shorter inseam length and step-over length than men, smaller wheel sizes are a better bet for stability. Taller women can try the bigger wheels and get more out of the bike as they become better at hilly rides.

Final verdict

To conclude, the choice of mountain bike for you has to take into account your enthusiasm to keep up the activity for the long-term. Sure, your interest level would depend on the experience. This is why it helps to have a working knowledge of assembly and tuning. This way, you connect with your machine and take ownership of your time on the two wheels. 

As far as bike models go, Schwinn is your ideal bicycle if you wish to conquer the trails and also enjoy a lighter bike. It has the coveted 29-inch wheels that let you glide over uneven surfaces. Instead of wheel size alone, take frame size into consideration too to choose the right fit for you.

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