Best Women’s Road Bikes Under 1000

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Performers, and the biggest head-turners.

If you are the “get out to get going” kind of person, you can’t wait to spend quality outdoorsy time to clear your head. It’s the time you sink into the self, get your mind out of the rut of humdrum cares, and truly recharge.

Zip around the invigorating outdoors and get your heart rate up with road bikes. They make you breathe deeply, coax the oft-ignored muscle groups into action…. Well, if one must use the achingly-true cliché, they make you feel alive.

Flip through the Best Women’s Road Bikes Under $1000 and pick one to give your frame a whole-body, holistic work-out.

Don’t always assume Women’s Road bikes are the step-through or low-step only. That’s there for you if you want it, but there are plenty of high cross-bar bikes too.

Say what, even looking through this guide is enough to make you yearn for those heady breezes and the lean, mean machine that stays entirely in your control. But there are facets, feel-good factors, and the whole nitty-gritty that you have got to pay attention to before you choose your machine. So here’s the rundown.

6 Best Women’s Road Bikes Under $1000 & Reviews

Comparison Chart

SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike, Warwinds3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Racing Bicycle with SORA 18 Speed Derailleur System and Double V Brake (Red, 54cm)
510KFJDAnNL. SL500
Diamondback Bicycles Century 2 Road Bike, 50cm/X-Small, Gloss Black
Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike with STI Integrated Shifters
Schwinn Volare 1400 Adult Hybrid Road Bike, 28-inch wheel, aluminum frame, Red
AVASTA Road Hybrid Bike for Men, Lightweight Step Over 700c Aluminum Alloy Frame City Commuter Comfort Bicycle, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Mattle Steel Blue
51pjVd3PKfL. SL500
PanAme 26 Inch Road Bike for Men and Women, 700C Wheels Commuter Bicycle, Racing Bicycle with 14-21 Speed Drivetrain, Light Aluminum Frame Road Bicycles,Multiple Color (FT-Red)

1. SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike

51 hZbkZPML. SL500

Welcome to the organic world of comforting carbon. The body is light, smooth as the breeze itself, and sturdy like you won’t believe. In fact, you might have trouble believing that it only weighs 20.3 pounds for all its gallant frame size. You have a range of size choices from XS to XL. Pair the nimble structure with an electric color scheme and you have a machine fit for your most imaginative cruises. Pedals are included in the original structure so beginners and seasoned users are alike charmed by the whole package that comes at a mere 10 kilogram. The most appealing factor among the wheel-set, wind tunnel, seat set-up, and stays is the aerodynamic flow of the design which helps you shoot through the winds at your own sweet will.

Available in a jazzy assortment of colors such as orange, red, blue, and gray, the color-scheme plays up to the ergonomic design. In short, it is the whole package of functionality and good looks. Michelin tires and a TORAY frame tells the story of sophistication in a bold, compelling statement.


  • Contours and tapered handlebars give rider complete control
  • Clean lines in seat mount offer agility and stylized maneuvers
  • Internal cabling gives a neat look


  • Slight wobble – needs adjustment
  • Stickers used to denote size stay put

Verdict: The Savadeck is an excellent bike to attain top-speeds, although you need more training to maintain these speeds. The responsive customer care department helps you with all your sizing questions before you make a purchase decision. The feather-light weight of the bike is a sure winner for all you gals out there.

2. Diamondback Bicycles Century 2 Road Bike

510KFJDAnNL. SL500

The Century series is a clear winner from the Diamondback stable which has been making bikes since 1977. It introduces riders to the joys of biking in the city and Century 1 is a likely entrant at the price point. For a carbon fork that costs a little more, go for the Century 2.

The 54-cm Diamondback Century 2 packs more punch than your garden-variety road bike. It has an aluminum fork body that meets a high-endurance steel handlebar. This combination allows perfect cruise control but keeps the rider feeling lithe and level. The drivetrain allows 16 speeds powered by Shimano Claris; other components are sourced from FSA. The mechanical disc-braking system offers high fidelity and the bike after assembly weighs 30.8 pounds. Spend time on the website to look through the variants on offer. The size-chart also merits a consult as you have a choice among 6 sizes. This machine is perfect for the discerning owner who hopes to keep up a riding hobby for the long term.


  • Comes 90% assembled if you ask for it
  • Comfortable seat and handle-grips
  • Suitable for triathlon training and entry-level racing


  • Watch out for older models with standard brakes
  • Suited for beginners, buy higher variants as you advance

Verdict: This entry-level variant from Diamondback gives much more expensive bikes a run for their money. This model is perfect for the beginner who wants to try out street biking. As a road bike, it performs best on paved surfaces.

3. Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike

41vEXNa ntS. SL500

For the stylish biker going about in the city, the frame and overall finish are as important as the performance. Vilano Shadow delivers keenly on both looks and performance. No visible wiring mars the exterior as the double-butted aluminum frame gives way to caliper brakes fitted onto the drop handlebars that never fail to catch attention. Both the front and back derailleur apparatus is fitted by Shimano. The wheel rims are double-walled and alloyed, giving them intense durability for its 14 integrated gear shifter levers.

Vilano Shadow bikes in the box condition need to be fitted and the box arrives with detailed instructions. Regular users of road bikes would find it easy to assemble and do the required maintenance checks.  Users particularly note that despite its sturdiness, it has the airy light feel both on the road as you take it out for a spin, and on the pocket as you make the purchase. The maker recommends getting the assembly done by a mechanic. Users should perform safety checks and regular maintenance. It’s a great choice for a first-time bike rider.


  • 14 integrated gear shifter levers ease up speed transition
  • Durability is enhanced by the use of superior materials and design
  • Reasonably priced


  • Integrated shifters need some getting used to
  • Not the best choice for uphill inclines

Verdict: If you’re looking to rev up your in-city biking and racing experience, this Vilano Shadow bike is a steal. It comes with pedals and all the trimmings that make shifting gears into speed-racing a breeze.

4. Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike

51fDhU+3jmS. SL500

This one is for all your sporty gals out there with a taste for the feisty. If you thrive on the no-nonsense approach, you will love the metallic but modish looks of the Schwinn Volare. The sturdy but sleek structure sports linear-pull brakes from the stables of Shimano. The rear derailleur and shifter brake lever system work in sync with one another to ensure that transitions are smooth through a range of speeds.

The Schwinn Volare is another fork model road bike with high-profile wheel rims and the alloy wheels themselves ensure excellent suspension and braking action whenever needed in your gallop. The medium-frame (53 cm) road bike is suited to women looking to build up fitness through cruises about town or around the country. The assembled version comes at a weight of 28 pounds and allows 14 speeds.

The heavier weight invariably offers greater endurance and durability to the bike. The assembly for those who would like to do it themselves is easy as pie. The chain, crank, and brake system are already in place. Quick-release tires make cleaning and tune-up straightforward.


  • Seamless and high-fidelity braking
  • Alloyed wheels and tires are a clear winning point


  • Heavier than other bikes at this price
  • Calibrate brakes according to your use

Verdict: The Schwinn Volare is a real bargain. An ode to the alloy wheel rims is in order. They make sure your bike is long-lasting and peaking in performance all through your varying levels of usage. Note that it is only suited for paved road conditions and not dirt paths or grasslands.

5. AVASTA Road Hybrid Bike

If speed is the go-to feature you look to achieve, you will be borne forth with great ease by the Avasta aluminum road bike. The handlebars and the seat post are adjustable, meaning it is customizable among your varying requirements or moods. The prime focus of the makers of this convenient, adjustable, and powerful bike is to make biking a fulfilling, power-packed experience. This is why beginners and seasoned professionals alike enjoy the balance and ease of transfer of power offered by this bike. Undoubtedly, the bicycling enthusiasts enjoy this bike better than the beginners – they can take it apart for maintenance and cleaning, and put it back together in a jiffy.

Avasta machines are all about offering flexibility to riders with different needs. The saddle made of faux-leather is appealing to beauty-lovers. The kickstand is functional and molded into the frame to be unnoticeable when not in use. Long-distance riders, however, will have to carry their water on the body because this machine doesn’t have a slot for the water bottle.

The 21-speed bike cruises between different speeds with gliding ease. Urban racers and hobby bikers alike will find out that commuting within the city for errands and street racing are both possible on this bike. It is also a bankable option for regular traveling.


  • Light in weight
  • Suited for bumpy roads
  • Ideal for street racing


  • Prone to flat tires
  • Brakes require regular tuning

Verdict: This reasonably priced Avasta racer bike is suited for both road and the bumpier versions of roads in the country. Handy users will enjoy putting it together and doing tune-ups as needed. Adjustments in the screws may be required.

6. PanAme Aluminium Road Bike

51pjVd3PKfL. SL500

This one is designed and made in Taiwan. Everything from the look to the stylized aerodynamically tapered handlebar is reminiscent of how this bike flows along the roadway in the tropical breeze. The makers of PanAme are confident in the strength of their road bikes and offer you a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Don’t, for a moment, think the Bicycle Kingdom of Taiwan has fallen from favor since the 1970s. Everything from the sophisticated components to the design delivers keenly on the checkpoints every biker looks for. Shimano provides PanAme with the Derailleurs at the front and back and the clamps. Shimano also supplies this assembly-line with the crankset, shifters, and brake levers. Tektro alloy racing calipers ensure a short braking distance and high-fidelity stopping. The tires and tubes provide an admirable 700c x 23c size making it suitable to a range of riders’ heights. The brake systems, tires, and tubes are also assured with a year’s warranty. The aluminum-alloy racing-type handlebar requires only a slight bend forward.

Since the installation requires a substantial investment of time and attention to detail, beginners might prefer to get it done by a professional mechanic. Assembly and regular checks to make sure the shifters and spokes are in place is a non-negotiable requirement for your ride safety.


  • Internal tubing and hidden wiring add to appeal
  • Admirable braking system
  • Quick-release hubs and skewers make maintenance easy


  • Install shifter cables with patience and care
  • The instruction manual is sketchy

Verdict: The PanAme is an excellent road bike that lets you pedal forward with the wind in your hair. It only weighs 22 pounds and remains sturdy on paved roads.

A Handy Guide for Choosing Best Women’s Road Bike

Cycling is a medium-impact activity everyone across the gender scale can enjoy. It’s not surprising that there are biker groups who keep at it with great enthusiasm while there’s room for solo bikers too. Given that women and girls have some common physical specifications, here are some tips for buying women’s road bikes that make your purchase decision a better-informed one.

The very first and obvious point to start with is the height of the frame. Women’s road bikes are shorter to suit women’s height and inseam measurements. The stack height and fit of the women’s bike is compact. To match women’s shorter reach lengths, women’s bike models are fitted with closer handlebars. Suspension, stem height, seat mount, and various styles of handlebars vary according to the needs of lighter, shorter riders than men. For instance, both flat and drop bars are available in different models. They dictate the seating position of the rider, and each one has its merits.

Read on to learn exactly how each factor impacts the rider:

Ride orientation

Do not place too high a premium on upright seating. Forward-aligned bikes cajole you to bend forward only to give you better momentum and control over your ride. You can certainly give off a more athletic vibe and train for more serious biking on the ones that have a forward-sloping geometry.

Seat mount

Comfort in the seat saddle is a key point for all riders and women in particular. However comfortable the actual seat, the learning from the above point is that upright bikes give you sore muscles in your lower back and glutes when you go on long-distance rides. A forward-sloping bike literally takes the weight off your derriere and gives you an advantage around those inclines when you need to use your weight to propel the bike forward.


Although this may not seem crucial at first glance, the ability to rest the feet on the pedals is extremely important to have. Pick out comfortable, durable footwear and test-out bike pedals to see whether the footwear and pedal design line up to give you a good resting position.


Women have less muscular strength in their hands than male riders on an average. In road bikes designed for women, the makers of braking systems definitely keep this in mind to ensure the brake lever doesn’t pop out of women’s hands on impact. Impact from a bumpy ride, inclines, or while turning corners is to be expected, and the factor of small hands can mar the effectiveness and braking distance. To check out the effectiveness of the brakes, riders should test them in specific areas such as those suggested, as opposed to on a smooth, even ride. The shape and tautness of the brake lever should allow it to rest snugly in the hand.

Touch and feel

More than the technical aspects, a rider should go by the overall feel of the ride when choosing a commuter bike or road bike. Are you in complete control of the machine? Can you look around without losing control of the acceleration? These factors denote your overall comfort.

If you’re so focused on your ride that you cannot relax your shoulders and wrists, you have to re-think the kind of machine you look for in the market.


Definitely pay attention to the primary purpose of getting the bike. Do you wish to get some exercise in the outdoors or do you merely care about making excellent time between point A and point B? Would you go racing with a friend or do you pedal away solo?

Road bikes are best suited for well-planned cities and towns where the path is paved and mostly even.

There might be many reasons you choose to ride a bike:

  • To have fun outdoors
  • To get some healthy cardiovascular exercise
  • To go green

But even more than all these paybacks is the wonderful feeling of doing something that involves the mind and the body and takes you into a meditative state.

Whatever outcome you chase after as you pedal away, choosing a suitable road bike is a wise beginning to it.

Final verdict

A woman’s road bike needn’t be one designed for women. There are super-cool unisex bikes that many belief are the future of adventure or commuter biking. You just have to find something that meets your purposes and lets you have fun.

Prioritize your comfort and get as comfortable on two wheels as you are on your feet.

Whether you are the young and the restless or the mature and discerning rider, the carbon-bodied Savadeck Carbon Road Bike with its uber-light frame, smoldering good looks, and winsome features is a purchase you will not regret.

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