Best Women’s Road Bikes Under $500/$600

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Bikes that pack riding comfort, gear efficiency, and drop-dead good looks in one heady package.

Getting out of the house is as easy as stepping into the yard. But the charm of distant beauty is one that keeps beckoning. Get around town to your favorite haunts or loiter around at a leisurely pace on your self-powered machine.

Gals who wish to pedal their monotonous thoughts away can hop onto a pocket-friendly bicycle that is designed specifically for the road. Look around you as you career down a marketplace, a tree-paved boulevard, or even more simply, examine the allure of the dewy road after a shower of rain. You will discover the joys of the outdoors that you never have while using modern locomotives.

That’s not to say best women’s road bikes under $500 are not modern. They are put together and tuned to perfection by bike makers to meet the specific needs and budget points of girls who want to throw caution to the winds and ride down. A regular commute to work or class, or a spur-of-the-moment joyride – anything is possible when you start spinning those wheels!

7 Best Women’s Road Bikes Under $500 & Reviews

Comparison Chart

sixthreezero Body Ease Women’s 7-Speed Comfort Road Bicycle, Navy Blue 26″ Wheels/ 17″ Frame
Max4out Road Bike for Men and Women with Aluminum Alloy Frame, Featuring 14 Speed Shimano Shifter, 700C Wheel and Disc Brake Bicycles White
Raleigh Bikes Detour 2 SM
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-inch Wheels, 18-inch/Medium Frame, Black
Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike 21-Speed Step-Through with Front Suspension and 700c Wheels with Multi-Surface Tires; 18″ Medium, Mauve (3453)
Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed – Women’s 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike (Mint Green)
Mercier Elle Sport Womens Specific Road Bike 14 Speed (Green, 46cm)

1. Sixthreezero Body Ease Women’s Comfort Bicycle

What’s that about biking that lets you expend your energy but makes you feel peppy and pumped at the same time? You wake up all the muscle groups that lie dormant during your day. Comfort bikes let you enjoy the balance of the machine and bear yourself forth at the pace of your choice. Sixthreezero creates exactly this effect as you hop on to the aerodynamically designed body. Don’t let the buttercup colored (or navy blue, teal or earthy brown) deceive you into thinking this bike is overly simplistic.

The look is kind of retro, putting you in mind of your first bike. But the state-of-the-art fork is one that absorbs bumps on the road like nobody’s business. Yes, the front suspension is enviable at this price point while the seat is cushy with its own shock absorption. It’s not for nothing that Sixthreezero names this machine ‘Body Ease’.

The supple but solid design made of aluminum allows the rider to sit upright with both feet firmly planted on the ground. A small slant forward is also possible, in fact, recommended to lend more power to your pedaling. Shimano’s gear shifters allow this 21-speed road bike to accelerate with ease and without bumps. The hybrid tires are durable and not prone to have flat tires; they also support the suspension of the forked frame.


  • Can handle bumpy roads off the beaten track
  • No more body aches or sore muscles
  • Can snap suspension in or out to gain speed


  • Instructions for installation are slightly complex

Verdict: This is a bike women in the range of heights 5’ 2’’ to 5’ 10’’ would enjoy. Get practiced in speeding up and even try taking along dirt paths. This bike can initiate you into the love of adventure biking and give you a pleasant start to it.

2. Max4out Road Bike


Choosing your own bike is all about realizing what you want from your machine. Max4out is all about expressing yourself well on the road. This 21-speed bike looks simple at first glance but has peak performance written all over it.

The 700c wheel comes to a unique diameter of 25.2 inches. This makes the machine ideal for heights above 5 ft 3 inches up to 6 feet. The maximum weight it can ferry around is 330 pounds which is greater than most bikes. The machine itself weighs about 37 pounds and lends itself effortlessly to durability and sustained value.

If you love working on bikes yourself, the Max4out will delight you because of its high precision gears and drivetrain apparatus. The core frame and drivetrain are in place. You will be able to build it up from the 85% assembled stage and put in the front wheel, seat, pedals, and handlebars. The handlebars have a perky drop. The set-up features disc brakes.

The aluminum alloy frame is built for endurance and durability. Nothing about this bike is delicate – it can handle regular heavy commutes and long hours on the bike as well as speed racing. This is where the 21-speed shifting gear system acquits itself well at the flick of your fingers. The responsive machine glides away delivering smoother performance as you use it more.


  • Assemble in under 20 minutes
  • Perfect for speed-racing
  • Drop handlebars keep you in control


  • Average disc-brakes

Verdict: Pick glossy black or blue and drive off on this no-nonsense, intuitively designed machine. The seat and saddle are ergonomically designed to keep both sexes comfy. The height-adjustable seat offers women riders maximum convenience. Finely calibrated shifters make the controls sensitive.

3. RALEIGH Detour 2 Comfort Bike


Cycling can be your choice of recreational activity that works just as easily for utility. The most enjoyable part of riding the Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Bike is the sense of balance that you assume effortlessly, making your commute feel entirely hassle-free. This is the reason many seasoned riders choose this upright-rider model for long-distance cycling.

Turning corners smoothly, speeding up with no loss of stability, and being comfortable in all-day bike-riding are the hallmarks of the Raleigh comfort bike. The flat handlebars have a slight taper to the back which makes all the difference in comfort level for the rider’s arms. The corrugated pedals seat the feet conveniently and prevent slipping. There are four size options ranging from Small to X-Large. The bike arrives in a box replete with Shimano shifters, a spring-mounted seat, plush handle grips, and the best-in-class polished aluminum frame. Most of the assembly is already done and you only need to set up the derailleurs, guards, and pads, and tune the brakes. For this price point, the additional feature that sets Raleigh apart from other road bikes is the puncture protection.

The biggest advantage is the stability and balanced geometry of the stem that lets you right upright. There are variants and hybrid models that you can look into if you are flexible with your budget.


  • Balanced, sturdy construction
  • Ease of maneuvering brake levers
  • Raleigh assembly video is straightforward


  • Need to calibrate and get used to 21-speed gears
  • Kickstand not included

Verdict: Ease of installation and minimal effort required on the brake levers make it perfect for beginners. You would enjoy the nimble bar and stem, and the lowered chance of flat tires. Ideal for long-distance rides. Not everyone might like the “comfort” seat, but it can be swapped out for a lighter one.

4. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike


Bikes in the most convenient design are often the most innocuous in looks. Take the Schwinn Discover, for instance. Many would mistake it for a monotonous-looking men’s bike. In truth, it is a unisex model available in both small (16-inch) and medium (18-inch) frames. Everything about this bike from the double-lined comfort grips on the handlebar to the cargo rack at the rear spell ease of use. Intuitive forethought for the comfort of the rider and flexibility in adjustments make women riders feel the warm glow of the extra mile that Schwinn went to.

Backed up by solid features, the adjustable stem and Shimano rear derailleur allow women riders to make tiny but worthy adjustments that render the ride buttery smooth. A flick of the finger moves the brake levers and the aerodynamic taper of the upright-positioned handlebar allows both feet to land flat on the ground for assured stability.

The all-important factor of coziness extends to the saddle – the soft cushioning keeps the rider’s read end ensconced in the sweet spot – and that means no backache or soreness even after day-long riding.

The Chicago-based bike maker Schwinn knows where comfort matters. Accordingly, the Discover’s two sizes are equipped with an alloy crank, suspension fork, and adjustable stem. Choose among step-over or step-through frames and rock the roads for hours on end!


  • Swept-back handlebar takes away arm-strain
  • Linear alloy pull brakes ensure low braking distance
  • Add weight to the built-in rear cargo carrier, not your back


  • Front and rear derailleurs and brakes need adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment requires some expertise

Verdict: The Schwinn Discover allows comfort and the luxury of adjustment. This bike is a breezy machine for people who know they will ride for a long time to come. As such, it is a product that keeps paying you back in terms of value and durability.

5. Retrospec Barron Comfort Lady’s Bike


Want to snag all the features of a bike for in-city traveling without spending a bomb? The Retrospec Barron Comfort Lady’s Bike is exactly your speed. Another upright-rider machine that suits all those gals who want to look sporty and chic at the same time is now available in a range of solid colors.

Shimano supplies the 21-speed drivetrain and the shifters from RevoShift let you transition smoothly with no loss of control over the momentum or the bike itself. Fans of biking who would love to get their hands dirty are welcome to open the box at an 85% level of assembly and put the rest of it together all by themselves. This helps them get acquainted with the mechanics of the machine.

The Retrospec Barron features tires from Kenda that are known for their grip. 700 x 35c sizing gives the frame a good elevation and enhances the effect of the suspension. Retrospec allows tuning the height of the handlebars and the seat according to your preference, paying attention to whether you like a slightly forward-hunched stance or a bold upright stance. Alloy brakes at the front and back control braking distance and are pretty precise on paved roads.

If you have a niggling question that Retrospec is not as common as the other bikes, put it out of your mind straightaway. It uses sophisticated, standardized components and has a compact but imposing presence on the road. The silhouette puts you in mind of a retro kind of bike design, and this can make a solid fashion accessory.


  • Stylish step-through frame
  • Kickstand included
  • Assembly instructions are included


  • Tough to add to the rear of a car
  • The wiring on the exterior is a bit much

Verdict: It can be the cutest addition to your biking fantasies. About not working with a car’s bike rack, have a professional mechanic look into it and some clever solutions are available. A mechanic can also help with the assembly of the machine, which despite the availability of instructions, can require a considerable amount of attention.

6. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle


If you want to go for the classic smooth lines that stand tall but round off in a peppy, girly style, the Firmstrong 3-speed is the way to go. Thinking 3 speeds is far too few? Trying grinding up the hill on this bike and it shows you exactly what its capable of. On the way down again, the coaster brakes do their job well whether you’re off to ride by the sandy beach or on common paved roads. The gripping of these brakes is enhanced by the white-wall cushioned tires. They offer extra padding to absorb bumps on the path and give you a smooth ride.

The Firmstrong Beach Cruiser is one of several other variants of beach bikes. The body of the Urban Lady is made of steel, but there are aluminum variants too. This particular one weighs 38 pounds and is available in two wheel sizes 24-inches and 26-inches. It is designed for women’s average reach and weight. The comfortable seat saddle and the height allow upright riding and the rider can comfortably place both feet on the ground.

The one thing to note at the time of purchase is that the front and back fenders have to be bought separately. However, the chain guard is included to protect your clothes from getting snagged in the chain – also shielding them from grease marks. Nice touch, Firmstrong!


  • Suits 5-footers to 6-footers and everyone in between
  • Can zoom up to 15 miles per hour and a max load of 300 pounds
  • Mixes in utility with style


  • Assembly is easy but needs specific tools
  • Fenders not included

Verdict: Full points for looks, stability, and uncanny ability to make hills easy to negotiate even for beginners. Quite a bargain at this price point despite the obvious niggles.

7. Mercier Elle Sport Womens Specific Road Bike


What if you could find a bike with flexible handlebars that looks great at any angle but allows you to ride upright? Yes, Mercier makes that possible for beginners to sporty seasoned bikers alike.

The Mercier Elle Sport Women’s Specific Road Bike has one color variant – green – looks stunning. What they do not show straightaway is how light the bike is at 30 pounds. This is quite a feat for an aluminum bike that features an aluminum alloy drop handlebar. Perhaps what gives the bike its cushy feel is the adjustable seat-post and tapered fork that takes the stress off the shoulders of the rider.

Users of this bike report that they particularly enjoy the easy angle of the fork and crossbar which allows even riders who are on the shorter side to stand over, mount, and dismount with ease. The bike comes in four size variants from small to extra-large. Riders of heights up to 6’3’’ can easily hop on and get their fill of the Shifters and front and rear Derailleurs which are a standard issue from Shimano. The compact reach and choice among higher and lower handlebars make this bike perfect for women. Some observe that using the lower bars for high speeds and the more upright position for snaking about at a leisurely pace makes this bike just right for them.


  • Great options and features at price point
  • Quick-release option on both wheels makes tune-up a breeze
  • Durable commuter bike for regular rides


  • Gear assembly requires some attention
  • Slightly noisy – can be adjusted during the tune-up

Verdict: This commuter bike comes at a reasonable price for the features it offers. Seasoned road bikers will observe that it goes up to high speeds and remains stable too. Beginners might need professional assembly and tune-ups before they get familiar with the framework.

Handy Guide to Choosing a Budget Women’s Bike

The image of a single gal zipping about city roads or a group of chums launching off into the outdoors on their bikes only looks easy and cute. It involves real effort and can turn into quite the meditative if adrenaline-pumping activity.

Before choosing a bike to hop on, you would do well to keep some thumb-rules in mind.

1. Fancy brakes don’t automatically mean perfect stopping

Test out braking distance. Use front and rear brakes in combination. It’s all about getting used to your machine. Even after you’ve learned all about it, remember that the fidelity and impact of braking vary on inclines, wet surfaces, and tire pressure.

2. Choose your handlebar

You pretty much decide on the bike’s entire geometry when you pick a flat handlebar or a drop one. Riding upright places more weight at the read end of the bike and also on your rear end. This might look comfortable but needs more effort while pedaling. If you’re a beginner just toying with the idea of biking, go for this. But if you wish to become a serious biker, stooping forward to pedal is none too bad.

3. Are gears and drivetrain your jam?

It’s all fun and games to read up about gears. Be realistic about whether you wish to have high-power pedaling or merely a soothing ride at a medium pace. Choose more gears if you plan to enter speed-racing or varied types of terrain. Keep in mind that with roughly 60 revolutions per minute, you can reach a speed of 18 miles per hour.

4. Step-through or step-over?

There’s nothing sexist about choosing a frame with which you’re comfortable. Your choice of riding gear notwithstanding, get aware of both models by test-riding both types. Some models feature above even have a curved/dropped crossbar. Each rider should decide this for herself taking into account age and the comfort you want from the bike.

5. Know your seat of power

Some enjoy the low-saddle while some prefer the narrow but long seat saddle. The cushiest seat in the market is not necessarily the most comfortable. Check shapes and experiment with height to get the most out of your machine.

Hobby rider or regular biker?

From an analysis of the specifications, you see how you pick a bike according to the kind of performance you need out of it.

Road bikes are your perfect companion if you are set to ride on paved roads and black-topped bike routes.

You ride these bikes for the smoothness and riding comfort they offer while giving you a full-body work-out. Put simply, you enjoy ravishing breezes and the scenes around you as you take this bike out for a whiz.

That said, riding such a light bike gets tougher if its windy, sandy or if there are steep inclines in the terrain. This is why can you go through the listed options to see which one suits your road conditions.

Choose a bike based on your express preferences.

Final verdict

Talk about using a road bike and you have a starter pack for any number of things on your to-do list to check off. You get to run errands, finish your shopping, and put in a little exercise on the go. Nothing is healthier for you (and the environment) – and you don’t get stuck in the rush-hour traffic either.

Your pick should be the Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Bike if you will only go for lazy spins around town and country roads.

But true bang for your buck and a plethora of riding options come at a slightly higher price. You should have no trouble conveying power without losing out on comfort if you pick the Sixthreezero Body Ease.

All in all, a pleasant way to kill those calories and the list of things to do. You’ll also become handy with the tool kit and street-smart. Remember the most important thing is to have fun on the bike.

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