How Good Are Vilano Bikes?

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Are you someone who pays more attention to the brand of the bike and then looks into the specification and features? Most of us fall into the category of being brand conscious. And why not? The legacy of the brand is often associated with their quality, service, and the trust they’ve built.

Vilano is relatively newer in the market than brands like Schwinn, which has been around for over 100 years. But it has still managed to make its mark. 

When one thinks of Vilano, they think of versatility. They want to cater to the needs of a diverse customer base and have been able to do so. They produce and sell:

  • Road Bikes
  • Hybrid Bikes
  • Folding Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Electric Bikes
  • Kids Bikes

Along with the selling of bikes, they also sell various accessories like saddles, pedals, cycling shoes, components for replacements, and repair and storage stands.

We can easily say that for an entry-level bicyclist who would want all his needs taken care of at a single place, Vilano could be ideal.


We looked at all the bikes that Vilano sells and noticed that most of them are constructed using Aluminum alloy. Aluminum is sturdy, durable, and lightweight compared to steel. Also, it is more expensive.

So, for entry-level bikes that are so easy on the pocket, it’s just amazing that they have an Aluminum frame often coupled with a Carbon or steel fork. 

It reduces the weight of the bike considerably and makes it easier for a novice rider to handle the machine.

Gearing System

Most of the bikes that fall under the category of road bikes, hybrid bikes, and mountain bikes have a high-speed gearing system.

A majority of them have a 21 or 24-speed system, which is fantastic for bikes at this price. This makes the bike ideal for riding on urban roads or climbing the hills. It gives the rider more control of the bike and makes bicycling definitely more exciting and fun.

Vilano’s electric bikes generally have the 7-speed system, which seems quite sufficient when coupled with a powerful motor. 

Another highlight of Vilano bikes is that they use Shimano shifters and derailleurs on a lot of their bikes. People who are experienced riders or understand bikes know that Shimano is one of the best companies that make long-lasting and durable parts. 


Vilano bikes received are about 90% assembled and are easy to put together. Along with the remaining assembly, tuning is required. If you have assembled bikes before or can easily follow the instructions on the manual, you probably won’t have a hard time.

However, the company recommends professional assembly for safety and also because the warranty does not cover the damage that occurs while doing an improper assembly. 


Vilano provides a one year warranty to cover defects in manufacturing and workmanship found in the bike’s frame and fork. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

However, it does not include crank arms and pedals under warranty, so you should be careful while doing the assembly. If you aren’t adept at the mechanics of assembly, you should probably take it over to a bike shop.

Popular Vilano Bikes

Bikes that are popular with people often go out of stock, and it’s difficult to get your hands on them! Some of the bikes that we love are:

1. Vilano Forza 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike 

For an entry-level road cyclist, this is a great bike. It is inexpensive, gives optimum speed, and is lightweight. Moreover, it has features you wouldn’t find on any other bike at this range. And the 27-speed gearing system? It’s just mind-boggling!

2. Vilano Proton Electric Folding Mountain Bike

The Proton is a lightweight, easy to ride e-bike. If you want to switch to an eco-friendly commuting vehicle from a car, well, this is it! You can bike long distances without worrying about experiencing fatigue. Moreover, it is affordable and provides great value for money.

3. Vilano Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 

The Ridge is a steal for the price that Vilano offers. It is fast, offers 21-speed drivetrain, and is lightweight, too. You can now bike through challenging terrains and explore the trails you’ve always wanted to. It is hard to find an MTB that offers so many features at this price range. 

What do we love about Vilano bikes?

There are a few things that the buyers love about Vilano bikes. One, they are budget-friendly and give the amateur riders a chance to experiment with biking without spending a lot. They provide a lot more features and value for the money than other bikes available at the same price.

Another thing most people love about Vilano bikes is that they are very light. Their electric bikes are very light compared to others in the market. That makes them easy to handle and portable too.

What do we not like?

The only problem people seem to have with the bike is the quality of the components. There have been complaints of parts that do not serve for a long time or break after a while. But, for the price, the buyers do not mind replacing them. 

Final Verdict

Vilano Bikes are excellent as entry-level bikes. Whether you are a novice cyclist, or a college student looking for inexpensive bikes that provide great value for the money, Vilano bikes are an excellent option. They are budget-friendly and provide specifications, which high-end level bikes offer. 

The trade-off is that they use mediocre quality parts, which can disappoint you if you are expecting a lot for a bike in the lower range. 

They are great for people who are trying to learn how to ride a bike. This is because they are lightweight and easy to control. 

Choosing a bike is difficult since the investment can often burn a hole in your pocket. That’s why it is important to pick the right bike that serves the purpose. If you are looking for bikes that are low on budget and offer more, Vilano is an excellent choice!

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