10 Most Popular Bike Brands

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When you’re really into something, you look for the best! And when you’re looking for the best bike brands, we think biking is not merely an activity for you. You love biking to the core and are here to find which brand will give justice to your biking reveries.

Now, with a pool of brands available, you often lose direction and end up making a wrong decision in haste. If you know what you want in a bike, choosing a brand, and then a bike, won’t be a challenge for you.

So here, we have listed 10 most popular bicycle brands with their strengths and scale that have consistently made their users happy:

1. Giant

Let’s start with the fact that many professional cyclists use Giant in races!

Giant is one of the most trusted bike manufacturers of the world that started its journey in Taiwan in 1972.

By 2014, Giant started selling in over 50 countries and had become a preferred brand for mountain bikers. And by 2017, its revenue had reached $1.9 billion.

Giant invests a lot of time in learning, evaluating, and reading trends before launching a model.

Go for it for two reasons: One, you want a mountain bike, and two, you want a well-thought-out product that lasts long.

2. Trek

Founded in 1973, in a red Wisconsin barn in the USA, Trek is a massive bicycle brand with revenue of more than $900 million. 

Trek distributes its bikes under several names, including Trek, Dream Bikes, Mansion Hill, Electra Bicycle Company, Bontrager, and Trek Factory Racing. 

Trek started with a vision of designing fast bikes that ride smoothly on all terrains, and it released its first mountain bike, the Trek 850, in 1983. 

They make versatile bikes today and are known for mountain bikes, road bikes, and city bikes.

3. Colnago

The founder of Colnago is Ernesto Colnago, the man who had to stop road-racing after a crash and eventually started his own road racing bike shop in 1952.

The Italian bicycle brand started becoming popular for its durable steel frames, which later shifted to carbon fibre, aluminum and now to modern construction.

The professional road racers preferred Colnago for its engineered strength. Colnago has always sponsored at least one professional team (sometimes several) since 1974.

Later, Colnago joined hands with Giant for some aluminum models, with ATR for carbon frame models, and it continued to produce a few models in Italy.

If you love road biking, professionally or not, Colnago is THE brand for it!

4. Cannondale

Dorel Industries of Canada, a bicycle supplier, is the parent company of Cannondale, its American division.

However, that was not the case before 2008 when Dorel acquired Cannondale. Their bicycles were made in the USA until then. 

Cannondale is known for aluminum and carbon fibre frames, of which they were the pioneers in the industry.

Currently, Dorel industries also own the Pacific Cycle, which is a distributor of several prominent US brands, including Schwinn, Mongoose, Roadmaster, and GT.

5. Specialized

Specialized is one of the major American bicycle brands, founded in 1974 in California by Mike Sinyard.

The unique thing about Specialized is that it uses its own alloy named FACT for making their bikes. 

This carbon alloy offers a high-tech performance and a strong frame without making the bike heavy.

Many bike enthusiasts who prefer the durability of carbon alloys opt for Specialized bikes over any other brand. You should go for it too if you prefer carbon fibre bikes over steel and aluminum.

6. Kona

Founded in 1988 in Vancouver, and still owned by the people who started the company, 

Kona had successfully presented a complete range of road bikes, commuter bikes, cyclo-cross, and mountain bikes.

Headquartered in Washington, Kona is now selling its bikes in more than 60 countries. 

While they have done some amazing work in building mountain bikes, they are highly preferred for city bikes.

If you’re inclined towards hardtail bikes to explore some gnarly trails, try its Process bike, made for absolute lovers.

7. Scott

Scott Sports is a Swiss company started by Ed Scott in 1959, who worked in Silicon Valley until then.

It produced motorsports gear, skiing equipment, and sportswear for the initial years. The innovations from Scott have been priceless in the cycling industry.

Scott put the first clip-on aerodynamic handlebar in the market, after which the inclinations towards the cycling industry increased.

They produced their own suspension fork called ‘UNISHOCK,’ and a year later, they introduced their first full-suspension mountain bike.

If you are taking biking as a sport, Scott is a great option for mountain bikes.

8. Diamondback

When you are seeking versatility in a brand, it’s Diamondback that you must check. Although it started as a BMX brand, it now offers entry-level to hardcore professional bikes on all fronts.

From mountain bikes to hybrid and road bikes, it has everything for men, women, and kids. Its affordability and quality have earned revenue of 1.2 billion.

9. Raleigh

Raleigh is not a name that professionals discuss, but it surely has the authority to be listed here for its experience in the industry.

It was founded in 1885 and is still preferred by the biking community for its versatile designs.

Raleigh also produces trikes and has a dedicated base of customers for people who want a sturdy bike in an affordable range.

10. Bianchi

Resting the case with the fact that Bianchi is THE oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world, and it’s still in existence. That pretty much says everything great about the brand!

It was founded in Italy in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi, a 21-year-old medical instrument maker. Bianchi is known for its sleek designs, which almost always have its signature color: turquoise traditionally painted.

They pioneered the use of equal-sized wheels with pneumatic rubber tires and front-wheel caliper brakes. They know the art of making bikes, and that’s why you could prefer them without any doubt.

That’s our list of 10 most popular bike brands that we trust and would recommend you for a quality biking experience!

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